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My name is Arthur Payne, but I'm also known as Relee the Squirrel. I'm a computer programmer, a writer, and occasionally an artist. I'm also pretty good at whistling! I grew up in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I'm a Furry, a Gamer, and a Wizard... Maybe!

Personal Stats:

  • Name: Arthur Albert Payne, aka Relee the Squirrel
  • Birthday: 1981-09-09
  • Hair Colour: Copper
  • Eye Colour: Steel Blue
  • Skin Colour: Pale with Freckles
  • Blood Type: AB (I think! I need to ask my doctor one day)
  • Sex: Male
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Nationality: Canadian

I'm a very strange person. Through my life I've had to deal with many strange situations and problems. I tend to stand out as the exception to the rule, even when I don't know what the rule is yet. On the internet I'm typically seen as a woman, though I was born a man. My adventures with gender have been long and storied but these days I tend to think of myself beyond gender. I'm a tremendously open-minded person and a great listener. People tend to open up to me quickly on our first meeting. On one occasion a new friend told me her most intimate secrets only to question if I was actually a secret agent trained in extracting information. Let me tell you, the key is to just listen and not judge!

Another thing I'm known for is my bizzare and kinky nature. I love alternative lifestyles and paraphilias are dear to me. My personal list of kinks is used as inspiration by several popular fetish artists. My main fetishes are Transformation, Mind Control, Body Control, Humiliation, Assimilation and Corruption.

Biography Links

  • Describing Relee - A collection of written descriptions of Relee the Squirrel.

  • TF Prefs - A detailed list of my transformation preferences, with definitions and specifics. I wrote this guide to aide potential transformation roleplay partners, but many artists and writers have used it for inspiration since then.

  • Kink Prefs - A detailed list of my kinks and fetishes, with definitions and specifics. I wrote this guide as a follow-up to my TF Prefs document. It details my non-transformation kinks to aide potential roleplay partners.

  • Kinky Fantasies - A detailed list of some of my favorite kinky fantasies. These are specific descriptions of situations and events that I enjoy roleplaying.

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