Relee the Squirrel's Domain

The Great Giant Plushie from Outer Space

by Relee the Squirrel

A long time ago that happened in the future of the present past last month, a wonderous visitor from the stars visited the city of Newhaven. It was one of my most memorable adventures.

I was, as I so often am, a squirrel. A rather large and rather smart squirrel who stood three feet tall with soft redish orange fur and a soft white tummy. I wore my adventuring clothes, because I had a feeling something special was going to happen. My dawn-coloured poncho rustled in the wind and my wooden staff was in my hand. My trusty indestructable sneakers were snuggly on my feet and my shorts were appropriately cushy. I was ready for anything.

When you know something special is going to happen, it's rather common to not know the exact moment. As such I was dreadfully early and I decided to busy myself with shopping in downtown Newhaven. The hustle and bustle of the city was comforting as busy men and women drove back and forth down the streets and exotically dressed teenagers milled around the shops and alleyways of main street.

The shops and boutiques on main street offered many goods from foodstuffs to fashionista-wear. Many of the storefronts had elaborate sidewalk sales and displays, and I was eyeing a cute top when it finally started. People were shouting around me and pointing at the sky, and I began to notice a rather large shadow creeping up over the city. Looking up I saw a great dark blot on the sky, vaguely in the shape of a creature. I could see arms, and legs, and a body with a head, but they were enormous and getting bigger! It only took me a moment to realize that the thing wasn't getting bigger, but rather closer, and that I ought to get out of the way.

Though countless folks were fleeing screaming in every direction, I was lucky enough to be a magic user quite able to increase my personal agility. Jumping from head to head I cleared out of the way of the incoming thing and when I felt I was far enough to escape the crushing that seemed iminent, I stopped and stood on top of an elaborate lamp-post.

The thing, whatever it was, was falling slowly but definately falling. It's arms and legs were spread out in an elaborate belly flop. Finally and with a tremendous "WUMPH!" of air and dust exploding out from underneath its massive form, the giant landed. Great fuming clouds of dust were everywhere, and my eyes were spared only by the spherical shield of force around my body.

Long droning moments of time passed me by as the sounds of screaming and fleeing cityfolk grew distant and the wailing sirens of emergency vehicles grew closer. I stood patiently in my place atop the lamp-post as I watched the dust clear and the shape of the creature grow ever clearer. Its skin was covered in a wild pattern of many colours, patches like a quilt sewn together and over eachother again and again. It was round and massive and it was neatly covering several city blocks, and what's more it was moving.

The creature, the great massive thing, was pushing itself up with its arms. It was lifting its entire massive form from the pavement of the city street and the rubble of many crushed buildings and it was standing up. At least thirty stories tall, the creature was clearly an enormous teddy bear! Huge patchwork paws supported the chubby frame of the massive creature, and its head proudly rose towards the sky and gave a ferocious squeak!

Hugglor the Cuddler of Worlds had arrived on Earth.

My toes curled up inside my sneakers and clutched my arms tightly to my chest. It was huge, it was terrible, but it was also incredibly cute. I could not, I would not hold back the joyful squeal that rose from my throat as I looked up at his majestic patchwork body. Pressing off of the lamp-post with a quick hop I wrapped myself in the magic of flight and rose up to meet this magnificient being in the eye.

His great round eyes, black as space and gleaming with a polished inner-glow of sage wisdom stared intently forward. Though they would never turn or twist, the great stuffed titan saw all. He saw ME as I hovered before him, his leathery black pad of a nose turned up as a massive smiling opening of his mouth opened wide. Around us both, the deep black of smoke rose in great clouds from the burning rubble of the buildings crushed by his arrival.

Emergency vehicles had gathered around the great Hugglor, and foam and water sprayed high into the air as heroes fought the burning flame. Long gone were the people, wise enough to flee from the scene. Only a few gawking spectators remained, lured by the danger, the excitement, or the need to help people. Heroes many, and many lives would be saved, but their battle was not mine.

"OH, GREAT HUGGLOR!" I shouted, my magic sending my voice through the air like a thunderclap. "I am Relee, and I greet you warmly." Wind rippled in my fur as I spoke, my poncho drifting dramatically to the side. "You have caused much destruction and havok, but you are new here and a stranger to the ways of men. I ask you, oh great one, why have you come to the planet Earth?"

The dimples of the great Hugglor drew back, pulling his enormous maw into an even larger smile. His voice, high in pitch but deep and solemn, spoke to me in the language of souls. "I am Hugglor, Cuddler of worlds. The sorrow of the Earth cried out through the depths of the tween, and reached my heart. I heard the suffering of the world, and I came. I am here to end the suffering of the Earth and spread the cosmic joy."

My body trembled as the great depth of Hugglor's compassion crashed against the boundaries of my mind, and I felt comforted by his bengin intentions. I lifted my legs beneath me and floated into the lotus position, focusing my concentration to converse in the language of souls. "Great Hugglor, your intentions are kind. Your great presence is welcome here, but your greatness is cowing to mortals who dwell here. Their homes and very lives are even now being crushed by your simple touch!"

Hugglor, the whole of his being, shirked back. He realized that he was hurting those around him. The nature of this world was not amiable to his titanic essence, and even the weight of his soul crushed down on the community beneath him. My heart trembled and my soul gave a humble suggestion. "Great Hugglor, I bid you, allow me to introduce you to this world of Earth from a safe vantage point. Circling this world is another, empty of life and feeling. Her name is Luna. I ask that we go there together, and I will aid you in your goal of ending the suffering of the Earth."

The great one bowed his head; long, deep thoughts poured through his massive mind as he deliberated and considered and decided. "There is grace and there is wisdom in your words, Relee of Earth. Enter my body, and together we shall travel to Luna, and I shall listen to you as my guide and advisor." spoke the voice of great Hugglor, and my soul was humbled. Hugglor's mouth, the collosal smile, opened wider to reveal a tunnel running behind his felt tounge.

Unfolding my legs a smile came across my own mouth, and I flew into the mouth of the great Hugglor, my feet sliding over the tender softness of his tounge as I landed. His mouth began to close, and his tounge folded back, gently guiding me through the hole. A cool satin chute guided me gently down into the belly of the plush, and I landed in a pile of round, rainbow coloured pillows.

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Last Update: January 6, 2009