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The Best Show Ever Part One: Girls Kissing

by Relee the Squirrel

The glass walled us off from the operation room. We could see in, but they couldn't see us. It was a little room, more like a hallway, maybe five feet wide and fifteen feet long. It was all white, except for the silver sliding doors on either end of the room and the silver slatted coveyor-belt that ran the length of the room. Otherwise the room was featureless white on three walls, the floor, and the cieling. Of course, I couldn't see the wall on my side of the room, all I saw was the glass window. I think it was polarized, since nobody in that room reacted to us.

As we watched, a pair of bullet-like metal cylinders slided into the room. The cylinders were featureless shiny silver with a half-sphere cap. They seemed to be attached to the conveyor belt, but I couldn't tell how.

A pair of small holes appeared in the ceiling of the room, and two shiny metal tentacles decended. Each tentacle was made of dozens of shiny metal cylinder segments about two inches in diameter, and the very last segment was a sphere twice as big around.

The tentacles decended from the ceiling and the spheres touched the tops of the bullet-cylinders and seemed to 'connect' somehow. Steam started to escape from beneath the cylinders and in a sudden woosh of activity they were both lifted clear. The cylinders accended to the roof where the holes grew in diameter to accomadate them and then vanished altogether. My eyes however were aligned directly towards the clouds of steam, and on the two occupants rapidly becoming visible.

On the right side of the room, closest to the door the cylinders entered from, was a peach-skinned human woman. Her head had curly red hair, almost the colour of fresh strawberries, and her eyes were jade green. Her body was bare of coverings, and glowed with a subtle inner radiance.

To her left, emerging from the white steam left behind by the cylinder, was a second woman. This one had features similar to a human, but also was clearly different. Her skin was a light green, similar in texture to a ripe watermelon. Her head had a wild frock of dafk green hair that seemed to grow high into the air like a fountain before cascading down to her shoulders. Short but thick fleshy antennae extended from her brow, and their tips seemed to wiggle in their own enigmatic rhythm. The green woman's face featured eyes like a human's in a glowing coal red. Her mouth was the point of focus however; her lips were huge and thick, like a pair of ruby-red slugs that glistened with all the moisture of an oasis.

The two women stood and gathered their bearings, confused at their sudden deposit together in that strange white room. The human girl peered about in a mousey fashion, as if looking for any danger that might jump out at her. The slightly taller green woman, however, stood with an air of confidence and satisfaction, as though she knew exactly what was about to happen.

The women both turned away from the glass and towards eachother. The human gulped visibly as she beheld the green woman, while she got little more than an amused smirk in return. A sudden movement brought the green woman's arms around the human's body, and their ample bosoms pressed together in the embrace. A silent gasp was voiced from the human girl as the green woman grasped her head and forced her into a passionate kiss.

Many folks sitting in the stands with me began to hoot and holler at the pair, while others hands reached twixt their nethers. Even I found myself aroused at the scene; my eyes were drawn to the green woman's lips with a sense of longing like a man in a desert who first catches a glimpse of an oasis.

The human woman was at first shocked, then enthralled, as she gave in to the kiss and began to kiss back. The green woman only pressed her supple lips to the girl's, eyes shut, for what seemed like minutes. Suddenly the girl's eyes shot open, and she began to struggle as if shocked. The green woman released her, and smiled. The girl took several steps back, hand covering her mouth as if to guard it. The green woman's feet were planted on the conveyor belt, while the girl had stepped off in her shock. The belt began to move, and the green woman with it, untill she vanished into the metal of the left door as if she was entering a pool of liquid silver.

The human, now alone, removed her hand. She opened her mouth wide and looked at the glass, leading me to believe it must be a mirror on the other side. Her lips were slightly reddened as if they had been punctured, and she spent some time examining. The others around me watched with delight, their popcorn and soft drinks neglected.

As she grew tired of gazing into the glass, a purple glow began to fill the room. A heads up display appeared on the glass, informing us that time dilation had begun. Like pressing fast-forward at a theater performance the woman sped around the room, interacting with elements of the room that were added and removed on demand as she needed them. The timer raced by showing that days and days had passed and as we watched, the lip-worms incubated in her mouth, swelling slowly for five days before bursting forth from the tender human lip-skin.

The timer stopped suddenly after one week and the room returned to white, but the heads up display remained on the glass. The girl, perhaps wanting to take advantage of the white light, walked up to the glass to examine herself. Her lips were now swollen, a soft bubblegum pink, and shining with all the moist lustre of her sire. Like dogs we salivated as she poked and prodded the soft gel-filled creatures that had replaced her simple human mouth. Any one of us would have eagerly embraced her and kissed her with all the passion of a ravenous beast, despite having seen first hand the result. The room turned to purple again as the girl lost interest, and time dilation began again.

All of us were on the edges of our seats as we watched the girl enter the second stage. Her hair grew faster after the first stage, so much faster that after two days her hair had decended from her shoulders to dangle teasingly above her nether-regions. Those same regions, however, had become deplitated. All of the nourishment for hair folicles had been taken by her awesome coif, red from shoulders to rump, and bright pink bursting a foot up before curling down around her shoulders.

The room faded to white again as we watched in real-time as a chair slid out of the wall. It was a white plastic chair with black plush cushions and a strange tall dome positioned on an arm above the headrest. The woman was used to the eccentricities of the room after the weeks she had spent there over the last few hours, and she sat obediently in the chair. The dome lowered itself over her head and seemed to inhale her hair, drawing it all up from her back and away into the machine. Several of the others around me seemed suddenly disappointed, untill the heads-up display on the glass suddenly included a cross-section of the dome demonstrating before all of us just what was happening. We watched as her hair was trimmed, her old natural red removed as her now fully pink hair was styled and tucked into a fanciful do. With a springy bounce her hair tumbled out of the dome, and the woman stood up. She walked over to the glass and posed in the mirror. Swinging her head back and forth she seemed to enjoy the vigorous flounce enwrapping her head. Blowing a kiss from her massively swollen lips and giving a wink to herself, the room again faded to purple and time past in a hurry.

We watched her for several time-lapsed days as she continued her daily routine, amusing herself with the games the room provided and eating the strange foods she was given. As time went on, however, it was all too clear she was growing lonely. The third stage was setting in, and she was eager to reproduce. Soon the room returned to white and the heads-up display faded from the glass. We watched as the woman within fell to her knees as though begging some divine master for his favor.

Beside me on the chair, a light appeared. The console next to the drink-holder showed an animated image of kissing lips, along with a question mark, and a button. Even as I pondered the possibilities of the button, I took too long. Many of those around me had already chosen, and one of them was picked. She was a female humanoid with orange and black tiger stripes over her skin, and a fluffy mane of hair around her neck. Her chair decended into the floor, and was swiftly replaced by an eager new patron. Many of those around me voiced their jealousy as we waited and watched and then, suddenly, through the right side door our former companion appeared. It was the tiger-striped woman in the buff and hungry for love.

The young woman strode over to her gift from heaven and wraped her arms eagerly about her waist. The two drew together, gazing into eachothers eyes, and as the young woman held the tiger-striped woman's head, she forced a powerful kiss on her lips. The conveyor belt began to move, and the two of them continued to kiss as they passed through the liquid metal silver on the left side of the room.

A white steamy gas filled the room for a full minute, then was swiftly vaccumned out, and the room was exactly as it had been when the act began. I fingered myself impatiently as I waited for the next scene...

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Last Update: January 6, 2009