Relee the Squirrel's Domain

TF Salon

by Relee the Squirrel

Panel 1: Pretty salon technician is helping a young man in just underwear towards a complicated styling chair. The chair is similar to a dentist's chair, with large metal boots attached to the foot rest, round globes on the arm rests, and a large dome similar to a hair dryer connected by an arm to the back of the chair, hovering over the headrest. The salon technician says, "Please have a seat here, and we'll get started. It won't take long."

Panel 2: Close-up of the young man pressing his feet into the boots. There's a "splurch" sound effect, and pearlescent pink goo is seen leaking out of the cuffs. From off panel the technician says "That's the way, let your feet slide into place."

Panel 3: Close-up of the hand-orbs, which have been flipped open into halfs, showing the shape of a large paw with a heart-shaped indentation on the bottom, for a paw-pad. The young man has his hand on top of one of them and the other is showing. The technician says "That's the way, just hold your hands in place" from off panel, though her hand can be seen with a tooth-paste like tube, squirting pearlescent pink goo onto the hand that is already in place.

Panel 4: The young man is in the chair, with the hand-orbs closed at his wrists and a thick belt holding him down at the waist. The salon technician is lowering the dome over the young man's head, saying "Now I'm just going to lower this onto your head. Relax." the young man has an expression of anxiousness, and a bit of a smile, but he's also slightly worried about what's to come.

Panel 5: The technician says, "Are you ready?" and the young man replies, "Yes!" with a gulp sound effect drawn in. There is a close up of the technician's hand flipping a switch, and there is a humming all around.

Panel 6: The young man is sitting in the chair, a look of sheer bliss on his face. Pink fur is growing all over his body, and his mouth is open, exposing his growing front teeth. The technician is nearby, watching some biological monitors.

Panel 7: A cross section of the boots, showing that the young man's feet are changing, spreading out, filling the boots which are hollowed out inside in the shape of a large paw with a heart-shaped pad.

Panel 8: A similar cross section, this time of the hands, showing that they are now fluffy paws, having absorbed the pink goo and filled out the shape of the molds.

Panel 9: The same pose from Panel 6, except it shows that the young man's proportions are rounder, with a larger tummy, and his face has become bunny-like. The tips of bunny-ears are just showing from under the dome. His eyes are larger, and shiny. The technician looks over to him with a smile.

Panel 10: Time has passed. The now bunnified young man is standing now, smiling at the Technician. He's a few inches shorter than before, and nolonger wearing the underpants; he doesn't have anything to hide. He says, "Thanks awot! I'm weally happy now, mith!" to the technician, who has a look of pride for a job well done.

Panel 11: The new bunny hugs the technician, surrounded by cartoon hearts, saying "I wuv woo."

All Content Copyright Arthur Payne, AKA Relee the Squirrel

Last Update: January 6, 2009