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Terry at Disneymoon

by Relee the Squirrel

Today is the big day. Terry has worked as a character at the Disneymoon Lunar Theme Park for five years, and with the retirement of Amy Thelpton he is finally able to take over the role of his favourite character. There was some difficulty, given his gender, but his passion and seniority blew away any doubts. Today is the first day that Terry will become Minnie Mouse.

Sitting alone in his new dressing room, Terry stares at his reflection in the heart-shaped vanity mirror. His fair skinned face is soft with big cheeks and a round chin. His brown eyebrows betray his inky black dyed hair, and his deep blue eyes gaze beyond the mirror and into his imagination. Soon Terry wouldn’t have to imagine anymore. Held on a petite dress form behind him was a familiar red dress with white polka dots. Resting on the floor beneath it is a pair of yellow shoes. The crowning polka-dot bow is attached to the dress form, somehow staying in place without straps or clips. The clothes glow with solid colour, like the living fabric of a cartoon.

Terry looks at the reflection of the clothes in the mirror; it’s time. He stands up and first goes to the closet across the room. The large wooden sliding door is decorated in hearts and flowers and slides aside silently. A mass of inky black material rests on a shelf at knee height. Terry bends down and touches it, and an excited shiver runs up his spine.

The shape-skin feels almost liquid, soft and smooth. Reaching into the neck, Terry lifts the creamy suit into his arms and embraces it. Carefully he lowers it below his waist and lifts his left leg, before sliding it deep inside. He shivers with excitement as his leg disappears, not seeming to push out the fabric at all.

A firm tug brings Terry’s foot into place and a short black cylinder of leg pushes down from the inky black shape-skin. The wide cartoon foot, shiny and bulbous yet elegantly cute, wiggles its’ round toes. The folded space tickles Terry’s leg and he can’t help but giggle. Sitting on a small pillow, Terry slides his other leg into the shape-suit.

For several minutes Terry sits still, staring at his feet; Minnie’s feet. He stares at the soft shine of the skin and the cute wiggling toes. The legs are bizarrely small at this stage, with Minnie’s little legs attached to a full grown man. Terry takes a deep breath to prepare himself and then hikes the shape-suit all the way up to his shoulders.

Terry’s arms seem to disappear completely as his torso shrinks to proper Minnie size. A broad smile covers Terry’s face as he feels the folded space close up on him. Inside Terry’s arms wriggle about until his hands find the arm holes. Outside all that can be seen are the contortions of Terry’s face as he fidgets and searches. Finally a white glossy nub pokes out of either side of Minnie’s black torso. One, two, three; four-fingered white gloves slide out of the black shape-suit on ropy, rubber-hose arms.

At last getting used to the suit’s odd space, Terry stands up on Minnie’s legs. The round feet bounce and squeak like oil-filled balloons, but to Terry they feel perfect. Climbing into the vanity stool, Terry’s height change becomes even more apparent. Minnie is much smaller than Terry, the size of the children who come from all over the galaxy to see her. Minnie’s feet dangle over the stool as Terry stares awestruck at his own reflection. From the neck down he is 100% Minnie Mouse, from the white gloves to the black toes and behind him a cute line of a tail.

After shaking himself out of his trance, Terry slides back off the stool; he is not done yet! Terry goes straight to the Minnie Mouse sized pink dresser and pulls open the drawer. Inside are countless cel-shaded panties, all Minnie Mouse sized. Like handling a precious treasure, Terry pulls out a pair of folded white panties. The delicate garment is frilled around the edges, and the soft slick texture feels wonderful to Terry, who can feel everything through Minnie’s gloves.

Lifting one leg and then the other, Terry puts on Minnie’s panties. The smooth surface seems to stick comfortably to Minnie’s hemispherical pelvis. Terry slides the drawer closed tightly before spinning around and clasping Minnie’s gloves together; it’s time for the head.

Slowly, reverently, Terry walks towards a small cabinet next to the mirror. The cabinet is laquored black and shaped like the silhouette of Minnie’s round head and ears, complete with a bow. Pulling the shutters aside, Terry opens the cabinet. Inside the cabinet is a small hat, inky black with large circles for years. Terry reaches in with white gloved hands and lifts up the eared cap. A shiver runs down his spine and into Minnie’s tail as he grows more excited with each second.

Terry has trained for this moment for so long, to synchronize his mind with the personality simulation of Minnie Mouse. Terry slides the cap into place on his head and pulls the edges down over his face. Terry’s head is completely covered in black, and his neck seems reduced to a simple rubber hose. Terry’s lungs fill with air through the permeable skin of the shape-suit. His face tingles with activity as the mask interfaces with his head.

Terry feels the sensation of his face pushing out as a black sphere of a nose followed by a tan snout appears on his face. Dimples form on big cheeks as his mouth opens into a cartoony smile. Long eyelashes fan out above the mouth and then flutter open to reveal a pair of bright white eyes.

Terry is filled with a sense of euphoria as the personality simulation of Minnie Mouse asserts itself. A cheerful, girly giggle bubbles up and squeaks out in perfect Minnie tone.

“Oh my, I had better get dressed for my big day!” says Minnie Mouse. Minnie walks right over to the dress form and lifts the red and white polka dot dress over her head, then pulls it down. The dress sticks in place comfortably; it’s a perfect fit. Minnie reaches out with her white glove and picks up the red bow, then places it onto her head where it sticks just right. Finally Minnie pulls her shoes out and slips her feet into them. The bright yellow low-heeled shoes compliment her look nicely.

Minnie puts on a bright smile and walks out of the dressing room. It’s time to make some happy children.

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Last Update: January 6, 2009