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Someone Else's Journal

by Relee the Squirrel

We all knew something was terribly wrong as soon as world peace was declared. All of a sudden, all over the world, all of the world's leaders declared universal peace between all nations. Even groups that had been at war forever suddenly declared peace with eachother. At every capital all over the world, a single shared flag was raised; a pink field with a bold red heart in the middle. And if that wasn't strange enough, all of the parliaments of all the democratic nations started agreeing on everything, and what they agreed on was totally wierd!

New laws were passed in every nation on earth. Everyone had to be nice and polite to eachother all the time, and everybody had to SMILE all the time! Naturally most of the world's police didn't enforce these laws, at first. We all knew something crazy was going on. But nobody could get any of the politicians or world leaders to explain their actions. They were all suddenly acting like one big happy family, and believe you me they ALL smiled ALL THE TIME. Then after a week of hemming and hawing, all of the ranking officers of the world's police forces were brought in to recieve an explanation of what was going on. Hardly anybody noticed that this was as global as everything else had been, or more officers might have ducked out. All of the officers who went into the government buildings came out wearing different uniforms; the same uniform worldwide. It was a police uniform, but in all pink! And the badges were all shaped like red hearts!

These new officers all started enforcing the new laws, and how! The officers who hadn't been taken before were forced to change uniforms, and the ones that argued or tried to fight about it were locked up for a few days... then came back completely in favor of the new laws. They were rounding people up who didn't obey the new laws, which was basically everyone, and herding them into concentration camps near all of the cities. Naturally we all had figured there was some kind of mind control going on by this point, and we organized a rebel army! We all fought our way to a central location in the American mid-west, though there were other rebel forces all over the world. It was kinda strange, the new police weren't using conventional weapons. They were mostly using some strange pink tranquilizer dart guns and knock-out gas to suppress riots.

Things got really quiet after a week. People just stopped trickling into the Rebel Bases then, and it seemed like all the radios went silent. There was no information coming from the cities about what happened in the camps, it was like we were all alone in the world... Then they came.

All of the bases around the world were subject to a simultaneous attack. It wasn't the new police, though; they couldn't do anything to us with tranq guns and knockout gas. No, it was some kind of giant stuffed animals! We saw them coming for miles, looming over the desert horizon. Hundreds of them marching together, each a hundred feet tall. They were all sorts of animals, bears, rabbits, cats, all done up in primary colours and pastels, with huge cartoon eyes. We shot them with all sorts of artillery, but any time we knocked one over it would just stand up again. We couldn't even put a dent or a tear in any of them, and they wouldn't burn either; they wouldn't even tarnish from soot or shrapnel! Worst of all they had us completely surrounded in a great big circle. The more they closed in on us the tighter that circle got untill they were rubbing shoulders with eachother, all smiling down on our rebel bases.

That's when they knelt down and opened their mouths, and countless little stuffed animals started pouring out. They were each only around three feet tall, but every one of those giants was completely stuffed with them! There was nothing we could do against these ones either. They just absorbed bullets, giggling cheerfully. And they talked, too. The whole time they were chasing us down, jumping on and hugging us untill we were too weighed down to move, they kept saying how we would be so happy soon, and how much they loved us and wanted to be our friends. It was crazy. The women and children were all hidden in an underground shelter we had taken over, and I was one of the guards assigned to them. By the end of the day, we were the only ones left. The little ones brought everybody back to the giant stuffed animals, and they were all taken into them, and carried off. We don't know what happened to them...

After that we just tried to survive. We snuck back into the cities to gather food and supplies... It wasn't too hard, as long as we made sure to smile and act nice, nobody seemed suspiscious. Everybody had changed, though. Everyone was following the new laws, of course, but none of them seemed to mind. They were all happy, all the time. Most people had started wearing different clothes, too. Really simple stuff but really rich, lots of primary colours and pastels, really cutesy stuff. There were more of those little stuffed animal things too, but they were just acting like normal citizens, and everybody acted like they were just ordinary people.

There was something else wierd, too. There was this 'field' of change, slowly growing out from the government buildings. It was making all of the plants seem richer and greener, but more striking was the effect it had on man-made structures. They all got... cutified! Things turned pastel pink or blue, and lots of things changed to a more heart-shape. Other buildings turned all primary colours, like something out of a children's playset. It was the strangest on the edge of the field, where some buildings were half cutified and half normal. We were all afraid to go into the field, we didn't know what would happen. A few of the guys were forced to go into it, and they came out fine, but we don't know how it really works... The people living in the field had changed too. Their skin was flawless, pure shades, except for the few that had freckles, and even those seemed 'perfected' somehow. Their eyes were bigger, too. They were doll-like. They were also smaller than average people; we thought they were just shorter people changed at first, but realized that they had shrank somehow. The animals were different too; cutified. The mammals all had big eyes and happy-looking faces, and the bugs were all colourful. The fish were so strange, they looked like cartoon fish with smiling puckered-up lips.

We didn't know what to do at that point. Most of the world was against us, and if we didn't do something about those fields the whole world would be changed! Some of the women and children were giving up and going to the cities to give themselves up. I don't know what I'm going to do, I just don't know...

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Last Update: January 6, 2009