Relee the Squirrel's Domain

Professor Honeybear's Mad Ambition

by Relee the Squirrel

Teeheeheeheeheeheehee! Laughed Professor Honeybear, standing atop his horrifying machine.

Dressed in a rediculous-looking teddy-bear costume covered by an immaculate white lab coat, he plotted great things for the world at large. A crack of thunder rang out in the night, echoing through the abandonned factory wherein this mad scientist made his lair. Innocent clerk in a toyshop and children's entertainer by day but world class mad scientist by the light of the moon, he was Professor Honeybear; the soft-hearted scientist who sought to bring about world peace through any means neccesary!

All of his experiments had come to fruition and tonight he would begin his salvation of the world using his ultimate device; The Plushifier! Giant pastel building blocks and bottles hiding its true sinister purpose. The plushifier alters a person in body and mind, stripping away their humanity and rendering them little more than a cuddly toy loyal to their "Bestest best friend Honeybear!".

"And now my friends, bring in the sick people that we might help them!" anounced Professor Honeybear, ordering his minions, the massive teddy-bears created in his earliest experiments, to bring in the first twenty people he had 'saved' when he hijacked a city bus.

Bobo bear, the smallest of the first teddykins (as Professor Honeybear called his creations), took a large, toyish key from a nearby table and unlocked the cage door where the sick humans were being kept.

Just then, CRASH! A window shattered as Black Knight and Princess Destiny, two of the local vigilante superheroes, burst into the factory-lair. Princess Destiny, the heroine in the short-skirted princess dress, flung her boomerang-like tiara at Bobo, knocking the key away and preventing him from re-locking the cage. Black Knight took hold of a dangling chain leftover from the old factory and used it to swing over to the gantry where Professor Honeybear overlooked his sinister but cuddly operation.

"Nooo! It's those nasty superheroes, Black Knight and Princess Destiny! Quickly, hug them my friends! Hug them tight and don't let go!" called out Professor Honeybear, backing away from the dark hero who came to spoil his plans.

"You call us nasty, but you're the one who turns innocent people into your toys!" says Black Knight, carefully approaching the Professor. His long black cloak flapping irregardless of the wind, and his black chest-plate molded to match his rippling muscles.

"But don't you see, Black Knight? They're so much happier now! With a world full of teddykins there will be no more war, no more crime, no more violence! It will be a world of peace and joy!" pleaded the Professor, backing away slowly.

"A world where everyone gives up their freedom to your sick ideals? I think I'll pass." said the Black Knight, reaching for his electrified stunner-broadsword.

Meanwhile; Bobo, Tintin, and Big Mack, three of the professors favorite teddykins, were advancing on Princess Destiny. Arms outstretched, they marched towards her with big smiles on their fur-covered faces. Bobo, the smallest, wore a tight vest and tuxedo jacket, along with a loose top-hat. Tintin, bigger than Bobo, wore only a pair of jeans, with worn patches over the knees. The biggest was Big Mack, who wore a loose pair of red overalls with one arm-strap undone.

Princess Destiny would have none of it, so she threw her sparkling glitterdust into the air and ran between Tintin and Big Mack, using the distraction to give the prisoners time to escape through the one-way emergency exit door nearby. But in saving the innocent citizens, she was herself caught! Big Mack fell on her with a soft WHUMP of escaping air, the heavy plush toy hugging her tightly to his chest and not letting go!

Back on the gantry, Professor Honeybuns charged towards the Black Knight, arms outstretched. Wrapping his arms around the Black Knight's, he hugged as tight as he could, but he was not strong enough to hold down the struggling superhero, and he was tossed from the gantry onto a giant bean-filled pillow set up near his Plushifier.

"I'm coming, Princess Destiny!" shouted the Black Knight, who clamped his grappling hook to the Gantry and swung down towards Big Mack. Holding his legs in front of him, he kicked Big Mack with both feet as he swung by, but the massive teddykin just shruged it off.

"Blast! He's too strong!" said the Black Knight, leaping down to the factory floor and charging again towards Big Mack. This time he drew his stunnersword, buzzing with power. The teddykins were ready for him this time, and when he tried to slash at Big Mack, both Bobo and Tintin leapt at him, wrapping their soft furry arms around him and holding him tight. He struggled as much as he could, but he was no match for the strength of the two teddykins, and he was forced to drop his sword.

Professor Honeybear clapped his hands eagerly for his victorious friends. "Hooray, you got them! But it seems our other friends can't stay to play." he says, gesturing at the empty cage. "Oh well, these two will be our friends soon enough!"

"We'll never join forces with you, madman!" shouted Black Knight.

"Not in a million years!" agreed Princess Destiny.

Professor Honeybear just shook his head in pity. "You'll feel so much better after we cure you, my sick friends." he said, before spraying the two of them with knockout gas.

All Content Copyright Arthur Payne, AKA Relee the Squirrel

Last Update: January 6, 2009