Relee the Squirrel's Domain

Mark of the Were Plushie

by Relee the Squirrel

A cold sweat covered my body as I gazed out the window. A roaring fire crackled in my hearth where a discarded novel lay beside my reading chair. There I had sat through the night, trying to keep my mind off my fears. I pulled back the sleeve of my sweater and looked at the mark, holding back the bile in my throat as I choked on my own terror. The red heart pulsed warmly in the night as it had since the creature bit me. It was tingling now, as was my spine.

I recalled the child of Mary-ann Peterson, the little girl with the long blonde hair and the big pink bow tied on her head like a present. She longed for company in the dark night, and company came to her. It only cost her father's life, and she had a fluffy companion to keep her warm at night. I had fought the beast and protected Mary-ann, my old friend. I stabbed the creature with a hot poker, and I threw it into the flames of Mary-ann's chimney, but not before it got to me. Not before it left its cursed mark upon me.

I gazed down upon it again, hands trembling as I hoped and I prayed that I would see myself through the dawn. I would not give in to the feelings of lonliness and the longing to embrace someone. I would not hug another man, woman or child. I promised myself that!

But the mark cares not for your promises, the mark cares not for your ideas of decency or morality. The mark only hungers for closeness and tenderness. The mark hungers for children.

A sudden feeling started in my stomach, a shaking, a trembling. It was happening! I steeled myself against the sensations wracking my body, sending myself into painful convulsions as I tried desperately to resist! I could not let it happen. I would not let it happen! But as my belly rolled out into a thick paunch, and my hands grew soft and covered with brown fuzz I knew there was nothing I could do. It would feel so good to give into the changes, to let them overcome me and whisk me into the ecctacy of the beast, but I would not give it that satisfaction. Tooth and nail I would fight it 'till the end! Doubled over in pain I ripped my clothes off of my body, my changing body. I saw the round brown legs and the stubby mitts my hands had become. I saw the white patch of fuzz on my tummy, so squeezably soft. I could only imagine in horror what my disfigured face must look like, contorted into a mock smile of unending compassion with false eyes that look on with an endless stare. I shuddered one last time as my body fell to the floor with a 'thwump' and everything went black.

I awoke at a later time, lost and dirty and naked in the woods. My chest was stained with tea and my mouth was dry and tasted of little cakes. Around me in the dirt, a frilly tu-tu and leotard, a doll's balletrina outfit. Worst of all, through the dark, through the shadows, between the trees I saw it. The orphanage! What had I done?

What had I done?

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Last Update: January 6, 2009