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Foxfire Fanfic: Big Bad

by Relee the Squirrel

It was a dark and stormy night in Happy Fun Land, but only in the dark and spooky part of the park. That's how it was designed after all. Big dramatic haunted houses lining a cobblestone street up to the evil queen's sinister castle. This is where kids with their parents, and kids who never grew up, could run amongst the most sinister and spooky of the villains from their favorite Happy Fun cartoons and films. Yet there is a sinister secret deep below the cheering crowds that visit the park daily. Deep underneath the castle of the Evil Queen lay a true dungeon, filled with captured 'voulenteers' who work in many faculties throughout the park.

With a dramatic 'pshht!' the sliding door opened, and Darryl was shoved into a cold sterile laboratory. His only covering a flimsy hospital gown, he quietly and obediently walked into the center of the room where a stern looking lab technician tapped her pen impatiently on a clipboard.

Darryl was in decent shape, but a little malnourished during his captivity. His black hair was cut into a short buzz-cut out of convenience, and his skin was pale from lack of exposure. The lab tech, however, was neat and clean, with her hair wrapped in a tight bun. Her clothes were obscured by a white lab coat, but her form was excellent. She pointed with her pen to the large metal chair that dominated the room. Looking like a sinister dentist's chair, it had a bowl-shaped attachment with an arm extending behind the chair to nearby machinery. Darryl quietly obeyed the woman's silent order, and sat on the chair. His hollowed, tired eyes looking down as he readied for whatever was to come.

Cold, slimy goo was pressed against his scalp as the metal head-piece was attached, a chin-strap keeping it on as he shivered in reflex. A short look up before darting his eyes back down showed that the stern lab tech was ignoring his movement, and was busy turning on the machinery.

With a hum that carried through the room and seemed to make Darryl's very bones tremble inside, the machine came to life. The lab technician walked in front of Darryl and spoke for the first time. "And now, I vant you to tell me your name." she said, with a slight Russian accent.

"Darryl Cobbler, ma'am..." he said, trembling as he spoke. He tried not to raise his eyes, but caught a glimpse of her in passing.

She turned a dial on the machine and said, "And again?" turning her head to look at him.

"D..Darryl Cobbler..." said Darryl, spitting it out as best he could...

"And again?" she repeated, turning the dial further.

"D... Dar... Dari?" his eyes twitched as he searched for an answer in his rapidly emptying mind...

"And again?" she repeated, one last time, but she got no answer. Shining a light brightly into each of Darryl's eyes she confirmed that his memory had gone. He was a blank slate, now.

"Stand up." she commanded. Darryl obeyed, jerkily. The lab tech laid out a pile of gray fur on a table, and took a step back. "Wear thees." she said, taking Darryl's hospital gown from his shoulders.

Darryl, lost in a sea of mindlessness, obediently lifted the furry garment. It tumbled down before him, an elaborate cartoon wolf's coat of fur, missing only the head. The right shoulder had an open seam, which folded apart to reveal an interior coated with blue goo. Darryl slid his way into the suit, wiggling his toes into the slime as they set into place in the large wolf paws. His hands stretched out into the four-fingered hands of a cartoon wolf, wiggling the fingers to get them set in straight. When the shoulders were in place, the lab tech moved to the back and applied a goo-coated strip of fur over the opening. As she did that, the fur dug itself into Darryl's body through the costume, as the strip merged into the rest of the costume, permanently. Not even a seam or stitch can be seen in time. The costume has become a part of him.

Finally the lab tech opened a cupboard next to Darryl, and pulled out a large and expressive cartoon wolf's head. After sliding the wolf's head on Darryl the lab tech stepped back to watch.

The person who was Darryl began to remember who he was. He remembers all the Nursery stories of him being the Big Bad Wolf with huge lungs and an hunger. His mouth gave a mischievous smile and a chuckle from his belly as he remembers going after pigs, after girls in red hoods, after grandmothers. It didn't matter if he had gotten the short end at the end of the story, all he cared about is the evil twisted fun he had as he growled in a deep low voice. Part growl and part laugh. The mischievous nature of his just begs to come out he wanted to howl, to find the woman she smelled, and sweep her off her feet...v

And with a loud and fearsome "Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl!" in a voice much deeper and so much more self-assured than poor Darryl had been, the Big Bad Wolf came to life, licking his wolfy muzzle hungrily as he saw the lab tech.

He immediately swept her into his powerful arms and gave her a kiss full of passion and even a bit of desire, his tongue even daring to lick her lips. At first her eyes went wide and she protested, but eventually she relaxed and even allowed him to enjoy the moment. After all, Wally Wolf always were the womanizer type, even when he was mere ink and paint. And now he has a fully functional body with all the hormones of a late teenager looking for an release.

"Hey babe,” the Wolf cooed as he pulled away in his new deep husky voice, “wanna come over to my place 'n' raise the dead?".

The lab tech just rolled her eyes, and said "Nyet Wally, you have work to do. Get dressed, your clothes are in that basket." pointing across the room to a basket of clothes just across the room and sitting on a chair.

Wally Wolf stomped on over to the chair and dug out his clothes; loose blue overalls with only one strap, a bent-out-of-shape top hat, and a pair of white Toon Gloves that were a perfect fit.

He put them on in a hurry, and then stomped back to the lab tech and offered her his arm. "What kinda work have ya got for me, babe?" he said, tail swishing eagerly.

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