Relee the Squirrel's Domain

First Person Toon-up

by Relee the Squirrel

One moment you were sitting at your computer, but in the blink of an eye you were surrounded by blackness. A bright light illuminates your body as you float weightless in an endless black void. You feel a cool breeze and take a deep, refreshing breath. The air here is cool but comfortable, and the chill breeze leaves your body aroused.

The light grows brighter, seeming to come from beneath your very skin. Your heart skips a beat as a pulse of energy bursts out, tearing your clothes off into the void where they fade away into nothing. Floating exposed in the dark your skin continues to glow, growing brighter and brighter untill your form seems like nothing more than a white light in the midst of the darkness.

A peaceful sensation of comfort washes over you, like a warm blanket on a rainy day. Your sense of self dissolves and your body seems to change, liquid glowing light reshaping before your eyes. Your senses fill your whole form and the space around you, and you see yourself simultaneously from all around. You witness amazing changes to your body from both within and without. Your arms and legs grow very thin, while your hands and feet seem rounded and disproportionate. Your torso shrinks and grows rounder, almost peanut shaped. Your head stays the same size, seeming huge on your smaller body.

The light begins to dim and details form, your hands are rounded and your fingernails are gone. Your feet are round as well, looking like round bulbs on the ends of your legs. Your face feels the breeze in whole new places as your mouth draws out into a round muzzle and a large mouth. Your eyes expand and dominate your face as a small round ball appears in your field of vision, a new nose. Pointed ears flutter into life atop your head and solid ruffles like bangs drop down over your forehead.

Suddenly a wiggling and swishing draws your attention behind you where a large round blob of light has grown from above your rump, a new tail for a transformed body. The light dims and you see your skin has changed, now a light brown all over, with a creamy coffee coloured patch on your tummy and muzzle.

Points of light appear all around you, like a field of stars drawing close. Sparkles of light dance on your hands, embracing them in light, and when that light fades a pair of white gloves appear. Supportive and tight, the gloves feel right at home on your hands. More points of light wrap around your body and dance, tickling your new skin as out of thin air a dress appears. It feels like cotton but looks like plastic, white with pink stripes on the top, and a flared pink skirt around your waist. 'Neath your skirt a pair of pristine white panties form, carefully hidden by your skirt. Drawing 'round your feet next, the points of light gently tickle you as the most comfortable sneakers appear, white with pink stripes and laces, and deep platform soles underneath.

At last the points gather on your face, brushing and tickling as a mask of light appears and vanishes, leaving behind a hint of shiny pink on your new lips and a shimmery shiny coat of blue over your eyelids. Long eyelashes flutter as your beautiful blue eyes open.

A voice calls out to you in the dark; "Come to me... Yes! Come to me!" and you find yourself drawn forward, feeling movement but seeing nothing as you hurtle through nothingness towards another world.

All Content Copyright Arthur Payne, AKA Relee the Squirrel

Last Update: January 6, 2009