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Breakfast at Tiffany's: Part Three

by Relee the Squirrel

I was amazed by the decadence of the manor hallway. Lined with massive portraits and tapestries laden with gold, and small tables decorated with vases and exotic flowers were arranged evenly along the length of it. A massive stained-glass bay window depicting the scene from Grandia where Feena saves Justin as they fall positively glows in the dawn light. Elaborate carved doors are on either side of the hallway, at least a dozen of them. Though the closed doors hide the rooms from me, each one has a symbol engraved in it depicting some activity or object. At the end of the hall, the massive door Millie and I approached was even more impressive, at least twelve feet tall and arched at the top, like the entrance to a massive castle. Slightly ajar, I could barely see past the door and into the foyer of the manor. It seems this is merely one wing of a massive building.

Speeding up to keep up with the surprisingly quick Millie, I asked "What is it that Lady Tiffany Jewel does, to have such a palatial manor?"

Millie turned her head to me, still pushing her cart quickly down the hall as she steps lightly on her very high heeled shoes. She said, "Oh, my lady is in the wish fulfillment business. It is very lucrative. She built up this massive fortune from nothing! In fact she once mentioned in passing that this home was merely utilitarian, and that she could afford a much larger estate should she desire it."

I just gazed about, impressed with my surroundings and the achievements of this mysterious Lady Tiffany Jewel. It was hard to believe anyone could be so wealthy in a single generation... But I wondered what the wish fulfillment business that Millie had mentioned was?

Passing into the Foyer I was finally able to take stock of the manor in full. A collosal main door, inlaid with golden sculptures of winged angels rising above a pit of demons and fire, dominated the room. Windows on either side of the door allowed me to look outside and see the massive yard and driveway leading to this place. It extended across well kept grass and decorative hedge-mazes and into the forest beyond. Millie and I were on the second floor, and the foyer was made up of a stairway that led up to the balcony where we were, as well as massive doors leading to all of the wings of the manor. It seemed there were two other wings, at least as large as the one I was in, maybe even larger. On either corner of the balcony's rear were a pair of sliding golden doors. I realized they were twin elevators, making this a rather more handicapped-friendly building than those massive stairs would have suggested. Millie pushed her cart towards the nearest elevator, and I followed, rapt with awe.

Millie pushed the elevator button, and in no-time the door was opening. The interior of the elevator was lined on all four walls and on the inside of the door with mirrors, however the floor was tiled in red, and the ceiling was lined in an elegant red fabric. We boarded the elevator and Millie pushed the button to take us down to the first floor. On the way down, I asked another question.

"Millie, are you the only one who lives here, besides Lady Tiffany Jewel?" I asked. Millie just shook her head, smiling.

"No hon, there are a lot of us here! Servants, pets, furniture... The house is alive with people!" she said in reply. The elevator doors opened and we exited, only to turn left into one of the hallways. This one was the same length as the first, but had matching doors at both ends, suggesting the manor was even larger than I had estimated. We didn't go that far in, though. Millie stopped in front of a door with a symbol like a cornucopia, and paused to unlock it. I watched with interest, for the key itself was rather exotic. A polished and laquered red heart on the end of a golden key, it was very ornate yet simple and pretty.

Millie opened the door and we entered a massive kitchen and eating area. A white painted room of cupboards and tables, with a clear eating area in the center. Several ovens and refridgerators were located in the kitchen dominating one side of the room, and there was a large metal door set into the wall that looked like a walk-in freezer.

I looked about the room, but didn't see anyone else with us. I turned to Millie and asked her, "No people here either? I'm surprised we haven't run into anyone."

Millie giggled at my comment, saying "Feeling lonely with just little old me?" as she slipped into the kitchen area, donning oven mitts and a fantastic-looking chef's hat, as well as another apron to go over the one she already wore.

I blushed as I realized what I had said, and started to appologize. Millie stopped me though, with a wink and a question. "What would you like for breakfast?" she asked me. I only blushed more at that.

"I'm too shy to ask for anything, I really feel like I'm making trouble for you." I said, ashamed that I would be taking food for free when I had already stayed the night and been given these nice, new, if girly and restricting clothes.

Millie just shook her head, and said "You're our guest! Lady Tiffany Jewel insists that all guests be treated with their hearts desire, and given the utmost respect and kindness. I bet you like omelettes! Would you like an omlette?"

I licked my lips slowly, I did like omelettes... "Could you make me a western omelette, perhaps?" I asked, sheepishly.

She grinned widely at that, and said "I sure can! Let me whip one up for you." as she got to work.

She must have been a whiz in the kitchen, because she came out the table very swiftly, carrying a tray complete with a western omelette, orange juice, coffee, toast and strawberry jam. I licked my lips eagerly as I got ready to eat, but then I noticed Millie didn't have anything of her own. "Aren't you going to eat as well, Millie?" I asked, feeling a little shy to eat when someone else was going without.

"Oh! I already ate this morning, before I got you up. Please go ahead without me! I'll busy myself in the kitchen so you won't feel watched." she said, walking towards the kitchen and running the kitchen dishes under the water in the sink.

I ate the meal slowly, savoring the incredible texture and flavor. It was the best omelette I had ever eaten. Even the toast was amazing. The coffee was perfectly blended, and the orange juice was pulpless and low acid, just like I like!

Soon I was done, however, and Millie came back to fetch my tray. As she picked it up, she asked "How was the meal, Arthur?"

I patted my tummy gently, and smiled at her. "It was fantastic. Best omelette I have ever had, ever."

Millie curtsied and smiled, taking the tray away to the kitchen. I stood up, and followed her, curious what we would do next.

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