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Breakfast at Tiffany's: Part Two

by Relee the Squirrel

I tossed and turned quite a bit as slept. Something was nagging at my subconscious, making my sleep fitful at first. I calmed down as time passed, and by morning I felt well rested, and even a little giddy. I laid on the bed, smothered in heavy blankets, as I heard the sound again from beyond the door. I realized Millie was coming, so I shuffled around in the bed. My aches and pains were all but gone, but so too I realized were my clothes. Millie must have undressed me when she took me inside the previous night. Wrapping myself back up in the blankets so as not to expose myself, I waited and watched as Millie wheeled in her cart. This time she brought something other than food.

"Good morning! I brought you a change of clothes!" she said, cheerfully. "I had to undress you when I rescued you, I hope that's alright. I needed to make sure you weren't injured."

I smiled at the young woman and nodded, saying "It's alright, Millie. I'm just happy to be safe. But a change of clothes? Are mine alright?"

Millie shook her head, saying "I'm afraid that your clothes were soaked and damaged by the weather, and stained terribly by the blood of the dog that landed on you. I let out a heavy sigh; I liked those clothes. Sitting up further I tried to see what Millie had brought me, and was very surprised.

Noticing my expression, Millie piped up, saying "Lady Tiffany Jewel forbids me from taking her clothing, so all I have to give you is some of mine." The young woman held up a light blue maid outfit, similar to the pink one she was still wearing from the previous night. It had a short skirt and petticoats that would rest above the knee, puffy shoulders with lace sleeves, and a frilly white apron. I blushed as I took in what she wanted me to wear, but I didn't plan to strut about naked. Strange that it was my size, though I quickly realized Millie was quite large herself.

"Should I put it on right here?" I asked, quietly. I felt awful silly, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to get dressed in front of Millie.

She just giggled at me, saying "I think you might need some help. Don't worry, I already got to see you in detail when I checked for any injuries." She held up a garment in her hands, and I realized it was a corset. "Stand up and we'll get you dressed, alright?" she said, and I slipped out of the blankets.

Standing up, I held my arms over my head while Millie wrapped the corset around my body. It was a tight fit, but it got even tighter when Millie hooked the laces onto a hook on the bedpost, using my weight to draw the strings so tight I could hardly breath! She tied them off at that point, as I practiced breathing. Next she held up the dress, giggling cheerfully. Millie lowered the dress onto me like a shirt, helping me slide my arms into the sleeves before fluffing the petticoats. I giggled a bit myself, embarassed but also enjoying this very interesting experience. She tied the apron around my waist tightly, though I could barely notice the tightness when I was already squeezed by the corset. After the apron, she helped me sit down on the edge of the bed, and rolled a pair of white stockings up my legs. The white highlighted the blue quite nicely, I must say. The stockings were snapped into place, attached to the corset by garters. I had never worn stockings before, so this was a new and rather delightful experience. Wordlessly, as if it was only natural, Millie slid a pair of polished blue 'Mary Janes' from the bottom of her wheel cart, and slipped them onto my feet. They were remarkably comfortable, with a wedged heel and rounded toe. Standing up to test them out, Millie guided me over to the vanity.

"Is this neccesary?" I asked as I was gently pushed onto the vanity stool.

Millie just giggled and said "Absolutely!" I decided it was better to just let her do what she wants, and try to enjoy it. She started by opening the cabinet next to the vanity, revealing many mannequin heads wearing a collection of wigs. Many colours and styles were represented, and Millie turned to me to narrow down her selection. Following my eyes she caught me looking at a shiny blue wig in a pageboy cut; I did like those exotic colours. In a deft and obviously practiced move, she pulled the wig off of its manequin head and slipped it onto mine, burying my own hair within. I could barely recognize myself at this point, and Millie wasn't finished yet! Closing the cabinet, she turned me away from the mirror and picked up several bottles of makeup. I'm not much of a makeup expert, but I don't think beauticians reccomend putting on as much makeup as was applied to me. Foundation, blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and gloss, mascara... She even worked on my eyebrows, giving them a more feminine definition and texture. When she turned me around I was shocked, I looked completely different! Not only did I look different, but I looked good. I couldn't deny how turned on I was at seeing my feminized self. Standing up with Millie's assistance, I blinked my eyes and tried to think of something to say.

Millie spoke up first, saying "Come on, now that you're dressed let's get some breakfast!" and so I left the room for the first time, following Millie as she pushed her cart...

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