Relee the Squirrel's Domain

Branding Segue

by Relee the Squirrel

The pudgy blue bear wrapped his fuzzy mitt around the pink handle that was sticking out of the little brazier. A strange rose-pink glow emenated from that odd white plastic brazier on the other side of the room. You were forced to look at the glowing brazier by the bears. Your tummy was forced down onto a padded plush bar, and two more of the pudgy bears, one yellow and one pale green, gripped your wrists and ankles with incredible strength, holding you in place. You looked straight ahead at the blue bear as he lifted the handle and held the glowing red heart-shaped brand before your face.

The bear walked over to you slowly, holding the glowing brand near your face for a moment to let you see it. It was nothing stylized, just a solid heart that glowed red with a cold incandescence. The bear was short, only three feet tall at most; he resembled a teddy-bear but he walked about under his own power. His eyes were large and pure white, except for the crystal blue of his irises. Thick, almost stylized eyelashes capped each of the bright saucers. His muzzle and belly were both a bright white. His blue nose was shaped like a heart, and shiny like a laquered candy. His paws were like mittens, each with a heart-shaped pad in the palm.

The blue bear disappeared from your view and moved behind you. You couldn't see him, but your naked and exposed rear pushed up by the pad under your belly gave you little doubt as to what was coming next. You closed your eyes tight and braced yourself, but as the cool brand touched against your right rump-cheek you felt not pain, but instead an irresistable tickling!

You winced and scrunched your nose but you could not hold back, and began giggling and shaking even as the two bears held you in place. The powerful tickling sensation worked its way up from your rump straight into your brain, leaving you helplessly laughing while tears rolled down your cheeks. After what seemed like an age of laughter but was in fact only a minute, the blue bear pulled back his brand and the tickling subsided.

The bear returned to your sight, in front of you, but did not stop; he merely placed the brand back into the brazier and walked up the steps out of the dungeon. The two bears that were holding you down released your wrists and ankles and turned to join the blue bear as he left. Standing up straight you rubbed the red heart printed boldly on your right rump-cheek gently, while staring at the backs of the three bears and the matching red hearts on each of their bottoms.

High above you, out of sight, the girl in the sparkling pink tutu with the blonde sausage curls smiled and let out a quiet giggle. "Now you're mine, now and forever." she said, with countless thoughts streaming through her head of what to make you, and the games you will play together...

All Content Copyright Arthur Payne, AKA Relee the Squirrel

Last Update: January 6, 2009