Relee the Squirrel's Domain

Army of Cuteness Part Two

by Relee the Squirrel

I slept soundlessly that first night in the plush cell. The pocket of plush fiber that served as my bed was cozy and tight, so warm as to make me sweat but somehow so comfortable that it didn't matter. There I laid in the fetal position for the whole night, but my mind it wandered. Dreams of tenderness, of softness, of the gentlest hugs and the brightest smiles. Dreams of family and love and friendships. Dreams of sugar-sweet moments in a pastel wonderland of joy and self-expression.

I'm sure I must have smiled all night long, for the muscles in my mouth were sore when I awoke. My arms and legs were tightly hugged to my chest under the clinging embrace of the plush pocket, and my eyes were tightly shut. I relished the good feelings seeping from the depths of my mind, from my dreams, for as long as I could stand it in that pocket. It was only a soft tingling, a gentle urgency, that roused me from the bed's tender embrace. I had to potty, and it could not wait any longer.

Dragging the mock bedsheet of the slumber pocket across my body I came to realize two things. Firstly, I was very much naked. My clothing was gone! Secondly and much more important to me at that precise moment, there was no toilet in this cell! Standing up from the bedlike slumber pocket I began to skip from paw to paw in a vain attempt to hold it in, struggling to come up with an idea better than urinating on the floor. Suddenly my memory refreshed and I recalled what the yellow bear, Sunshine, had told me the previous day. The flower! It was meant to deal with such urgent biological issues. Rushing across the room to the large plush daisy I looked down on it, trying to figure it out. It seemed like nothing more than a stuffed toy of a flower, embedded in the ground. There were no holes or switches on its fabric form. Reaching out my paws I grabbed at the flower's plush stem, and that's when it came to life.

The daisylike plush plant guided the yellow bud of its flower right under my tuckus and lifted me off the ground with unimaginable strength and grace! Swinging my arms in the air as I tried to keep my balance was all I could manage as my footpaws were lifted off the ground and I was suspended in the air sitting on a strange living plush flower! Trying not to fall as the flower held me up prevented any kind of resistance as the white petals folded up around my waist and held me tight. As a final surprise the two small green plush leaves on the sides of the plant's stem began to move and wiggle, and they gentle touched the soles of my bare paws. I couldn't help but giggle; the plant was tickling me! I laughed and I laughed and I rolled in midair, held fast in the daisy's grip, and finally with my laughing came the embarassment; I wet myself in the daisy's petals from the laughter! My ears were quite red from the embarassment of it all, but the plant seemed satisfied; its stem lowered and its petals released, leaving both me and it quite dry. I didn't know where the urine went, and I don't think I wanted to know.

Taking a few wary steps away from the daisy I got my bearings. I looked myself over and seemed none worse-for-wear, though a quick sniffing of my crotch area revealed a strange scent like a mix of talc and that mysterious joy-smell that the plushies raidiated. I stood up straight as I gazed on the flower, such an innocent looking plush plant was so strong as to lift me up casually and hold me in the air, helpless. I shook out my fur with a full-body shake before padding to the chair and table nearby.

I sat down on that chair and I stroked my stomach, the previous day's experiences and the time that had passed had left me with a mighty hunger, but my cute captors had left me not a bite to eat. I decided not to dwell on it, however. Instead I focused on understanding my predicament. My paw rubbed my chin and mouth tenderly, still sore from last night. I found myself quietly wishing I wasn't alone, though I truly wouldn't want to subject anyone else to that sort of capture and imprisonment, even as cuddly and tender as it was.

Thankfully I wasn't made to wait long after waking before I heard the then familiar jangle of the doorbell and the opening of the wall. Sunshine had returned, her expression as bright and cheerful as ever. Turning to her with my legs tightly closed I waved a paw. "Hello again Sunshine. Good morning, or whatever time it is..." I said, greeting her as nicely as I could.

"Happy-hello and good morning miss squirrel! I hope you had a wonderful night's sleep." said Sunshine, her ever-cheerful sing-song voice somehow seeming less abrasive than the previous day. "I brought your breakfast!" she announced, wheeling in a pink plastic serving cart loaded with bowls of some white substance and tall clear plastic glasses filled with something that looked like pink milk. The room's door closed behind her as she took a bowl and a glass to my table and set them down in front of me. My ears were red from blushing as she smiled at me, taking in my whole naked form. Of course, she was naked as well, and almost none of the plushies I had seen as we entered the compound wore anything more than an occasional ribbon or frilly tu-tu.

"Could I ask where my clothes went? And how you took them off of me without waking me up?" I said, gently biting my lower lip in embarassment. I kept my eyes on Sunshine even as she lowered the bowl and glass to the table in front of me, in case of any funny-business.

"Oh your things, of course! Mr. Big took them while you slept. We believe that the only true path to true joy and happiness is to abandon your past and embrace the joy and love that dwells in your heart in a whole new life!" she stood tall and proud as she told me that, while I merely gulped in worry. "You'll learn all about your new life in our training classes. I'll come by to pick you up after you've had your breakfast. Be sure to eat it all or no desert!" she said, giggling and walking off to her cart. I merely watched her go out the door, tail quivering behind me, as I dreaded what might be in store for me. As the door closed, however, my attention turned to the food she had brought to me.

Sunshine had left a blue plastic bowl filled with strange white fibers like shredded cotton candy, and a tall plastic glass of a pink creamy liquid that seemed similar to milk. I said a quiet prayer of hope that they weren't trying to poison me and lifted the pink plastic heart-shaped spoon from the serving tray. I gathered up some of the white stuff and lifted it to my mouth. It was good! It tasted like cotton candy, but it didn't melt in my mouth. Somehow there was a sense from this stuff, like it was good for me. Like when you eat vegetables or a healthy cereal, you know? It was so tasty, too! I took another spoonful and ate it before I thought about the drink. I wondered if it would be as good as the fluff-stuff in the bowl. Picking up the clear glass in my paw I raised it to my lips and took a sip. The flavor was remarkable! A warm soothing flavor, like hot chocolate on a winter day, but it was cool to the touch! It had a slight tinge of plastic in the taste, though I imagined that was from the cup. I took a big gulp and my eyes rolled back into my head. It was SO GOOD!

Satisfied that the food was edible I began to dig in with fervor. I emptied the bowl and licked it clean, and I drank every last drop of the pink beverage.

Some time later, the door opened again. Sunshine walked in with her cart full of a dozen empty bowls and glasses. "Happy hello Miss Squirrel!" she sang out as usual, walking to my table and taking my tray.

I smiled at her, patting my belly gently. "Ahh, thank you for the food Sunshine. It was fantastic! But what was it? It wasn't like anything I've had on this world."

Sunshine gave her ever so warm giggle and said, "Oh! It's not from this world! That was whole-grain stuffing and moo-moo milk from Cutopia! I'm so glad you liked it, we're only supposed to feed that to people who we bring into training so you'll be having it a lot."

I gulped with worry, "You mean, is it the same sort of stuffing inside of YOU?" I asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Yes, sort of. It's grown on plants in Cutopia and harvested. We love to eat stuffing! We have other foods too, you'll love them when your training is over!" she said, hugging her mitteny paws to her chest and sighing longingly.

I raised my head slightly and said, "You sound homesick, Sunshine." my tail swished behind me with eagerness to find out more information about this place.

Private Sunshine only giggled and nodded, saying "You'd miss it too, if you had been there. I'll be back soon to take you and the other students to your very first training session! This is so exciting. See you soon!" before she passed through the door and closed it behind herself, leaving me alone once again.

"What next?" I wondered, and I waited for Sunshine to return.

All Content Copyright Arthur Payne, AKA Relee the Squirrel

Last Update: January 6, 2009