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This is a gallery of art either drawn by me, coloured by me, commissioned by me or given to me as a gift. All rights belong to their respective holders. Please view at your own risk. The website administrator takes no responsibility for damages either physical or mental.

Relee's Art

These pictures are either drawn by me or are edited by me.

Catsuits - This is a picture by Sebastian Blackcat that I coloured. It features a pair of girls with stuck-on rubber feline accessories. The muzzle prevents any sound but meowing.
Loosers Become the Prize - This is a picture by Sebastian Blackcat that I coloured. It features characters from the comic Gold Diggers being turned into plush toys by magical medallions as punishment for loosing a carnival game.
Sugar Rush - This is a picture by Sebastian Blackcat that I coloured. It features a Gingerbread Golem in the service of the Fetish Chef. The golems are transported to far off dimensions and act cute and helpless to draw people close, then they glom over them and stick them in their tummy, carrying them back to the fetish chef to be turned into living food. The Fetish Chef serves the Fetish Jester at her castle, in Sebastian's world.
Happy Bunny Infection - This is a picture by Sebastian Blackcat that I coloured. It features a young man being turned into a theme-park mascot by an infectious rubber coating.

Gift Art


Asuraludu is a really neat artist. We haven't spoken much since she switched from drawing adult art to drawing pokemon comics, but she has drawn a couple of nice images of me.

World - Relee as the World tarot card
Day 11 - Relee getting Bukkaked; I think it was a 12-days of Christmas thing
Bear Cub - The proposed spawn of Relee and a Care Bear
Hunni Farm - Relee gets harvested by Cunny Bees.

Turbine Divinity

Turby is a neat artist who specializes in oil paintings, I think. I really dig her modern stuff, so kinky-cute!

Rocking Horse Relee - A picture of Relee's "Rocking Horse Makeover". This one gets to me every time I see it. Besides the rocking horse frame, to get made-up like that, with the hair and the heart on my thigh, that's just SO HAWT. Then being strapped into a rocking horse frame and have a cute saddle on, and get my tail all pinked up... Gosh! I love it, but the way she wrote the description on FurAffinity makes it sound like it's only the first 'stage' of a transformation. I'd love another pic where I'm fully pink, or maybe shiny rubber or wood, and have a big doll-like smile on my face. <3


Iyu is a very old friend of mine. We never seem to talk anymore, but we keep in touch distantly through places like FurAffinity. He specializes in cub art, fuzzy socks and scat. Uh, consider that a warning in equal measure as praise.

12 Sister - Iyu and I used to do this roleplay on Tapestries MUCK where he'd be a little boy and I'd be his teenage babysitter and I'd dress him up as a girl and do naughty things to him.
Cute Relee - This one is clean, though I certainly enjoy it from an adult perspective. It's a picture of Relee wearing an outfit loosely based on a character from one of the Pokemon movies. Very cute. <3

Foxi Lemur

Foxi is a great artist who specializes in transgender transformations involving pregnancies. That is, she turns people both female AND pregnant, simultaneously. A lot of the time she also turns them into a furry at the same time. Sometimes also into a cartoon. She has a big thing for Minnie Mouse, Disney's Maid Marian, and other classic Disney fems.

I Pony - Foxi drew this for me as my prize for winning first place in her Minnification contest. You can read the winning story in my Literature section under the name "Terry at Disneymoon"

Alex Reynard

Alex Reynard is so cool that you can't refer to him without using his full name. He's a relatively new friend of mine, but a very good one.

Relee and Larissa - This image is based on a play-by-post roleplay that Alex Reynard and I did in reply to his picture "Sudden Minnification" on FurAffinity. It's a huge roleplay and I've got the text of it stored in my Literature section under the name Relee and Alex's Adventures in Insanity. This particular piece is from when Relee got turned into the Evil Cheerleader Larissa! (so hawt)


Klix is a guy I don't know as well as I'd like to. He's sorta secluded, yet pervy. I like him.

Relee Fetishsuit TF - Klix did a whole series of pictures where people drink a potion that turns them into a living fetish costume. I'm a cuteification/sissification costume!


I've known Rancid since before he was Rancid. We had a thing on Tapestries MUCK for a while, but we never talk anymore. I miss him, he's cool.

Relee B-day - A birthday present from Rancid; he was called Shade back then, but that was like, ages ago! He's the only one who ever drew Relee as a black squirrel, something I was experimenting with in those days. Where I live irl is one of the few places you can find black squirrels, yet ironically you can't find red squirrels, the sort of squirrel Relee is! I think that curly hairstyle is neat, don't you?

Dave Kelly

I was friends with Dave Kelly a long time ago, but we haven't spoken in years. I always liked him, but he's a very popular internet artist and that doesn't leave a lot of time for hanging around with squirrels.

Star Squirrel - Back on Tapestries MUCK I was going around with pink fur covered with yellow stars. Very cute look, but crazy hard to draw. The text description of my MUCK character described the size and location of every star. It was very long.


Kanada is a really neat and creative artist who does a lot of bizzare transformations. We do some seriously insane roleplays from time to time, but he's also a great artist.

Toon Kanada Page 1 - One time Kanada talked me into painting him into a toon baby in a roleplay. He's one of the few people that roleplays with Relee being male. He's super-gay!
Toon Kanada Page 2 - The result of Kanada's little painting session.
Kanada and Relee play Coloring Book - Kanada proposed this as an RP session for the two of us, but I was busy, so he drew it as a picture instead! I'm using my cartoony magic to put the both of us in a children's colouring book, where we'll be at the mercy of childlike imagination!

Sebastian Blackcat

Sebastian, or just 'Bastian, is one of the best known fetish artists on the internet. I'm his fan, but he's also my fan, and that makes me very happy.

Relee and Bunny in Colour - Drawn by Sebastian Blackcat and comissioned by Rael Bunny. Rael plushified herself and gave the plush to me as a gift. Tallest version of Relee EVER.
Relee Pillowing 01 - Page One of a sequence Sebastian drew as a surprise gift to me. Relee turning into a giant pillow creature!
Relee Pillowing 02 - Page Two of a sequence Sebastian drew as a surprise gift to me. Relee turning into a giant pillow creature!
Relee Pillowing 03 - Page Three of a sequence Sebastian drew as a surprise gift to me. Relee turning into a giant pillow creature!
Relee Pillowing 04 - Page Four of a sequence Sebastian drew as a surprise gift to me. Relee turning into a giant pillow creature!
Relee Pillowing 05 - Page Five of a sequence Sebastian drew as a surprise gift to me. Relee turning into a giant pillow creature!
Huggable TF - A surprise gift by Sebastian Blackcat of Relee and Rowan Bristol being turned into huggable plush-sacks. (I think it's Rowan Bristol, it might be a different Rowan. I don't actually know her personally. ^.^;;)
EGL Huggables - A followup to the Huggable TF, the mysterious captor dresses Rowan and Relee in EGL fashion, and places black contact lenses in their eyes that put them into an obedient trance. Total hawtness, Sebastian! <3
Relee to Bullfrog - Sebastian was doing a series of pictures featuring sportswear that turns people into animals, and asked for voulenteers. This is a picture of Relee turning into a Bullfrog.

Rip K

Rip K is a great artist whose artstyle is both dark and light at the same time, it's really something. Very kinky too. <3

Arura Cap - The image originally only contained the right three characters, but when I commented on it at Rip's FurAffinity page he suddenly decided to draw me into the scene demonstrating the mushroom transformation. It's extremely hawt. <3

Stormdragon Blue

Stormdragon Blue, or SDB as I like to call him, is a really great artist who specializes in goopy rubber and furry paws. He's a real master of rubberization, his shines and folds are perfect.

SDB and Relee - Since I'm always commenting favorably on his art, he decided to treat me to this gift. Nice guys win forever! He did my toon gloves really nicely, didn't he? The original image is kinda ginormous, so I'm going to post the reduced version he put on DeviantArt.


Efugee is someone I barely knew, and haven't seen in years. He drew this AWESOME picture for me, then disappeared and I haven't seen him since.

Relee to Clown - Relee is getting turned into a clown, perhaps by magic or some kind of clownification virus. Clothes are changing and makeup is being applied as Relee is assaulted by a full-body tickling sensation.

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