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Defining a TF from Relee's Perspective:

To me, a transformation occurs when something changes from one state to another. Shapeshifting from one body to another is a powerful example, but transformations can be much more profound, and they can be much more subtle.

A profound transformation might be one of evolution of life, growing up and moving into your own place, becoming an adult. It might be leaving your whole world behind and traveling to a new one. It might be moving from a life of freedom into a structured life of slavery. These are all massive transformations that alter everything around and about a person, changing their perspective and their whole existance.

A subtle transformation might be as simple as the difference between an eye closed and open, or a word spelled differently. Mind alterations can be very subtle transformations. Changing someone's name, their manner of speaking or dress, their opinions on things...

I like all transformations, but not equally. I find myself enthralled particularly with some transformations over others, and some minor parts of a major transformation catch my attention and hold it tight.

For the rest of this, I'm going to introduce a few broad TF subjects that I find particularly enthralling, and go into detail about my favorite parts.

Please enjoy!


Cartoon transformations are a lot of fun! There are so many things you can turn into, and so many ways to do it. Paint being poured onto you, ingested, transfused, painted...

I particularly like the idea of toon paint being a liquid or slimy gel-substance that shows up as your imagination as it comes off the brush. You can paint anything into being just by imagining it and waving the brush in space, and paint anybody into anything! Mixing other TF types with toon TFs is a lot of fun. XD

Toon gloves are an important feature. You don't have to have them or include them but they stand alone as a very kinky item. Three large, rounded fingers and a thumb. A surreal grasping appendage for dreams to hold you tight! Toon gloves can be people too, living critters that glomp onto your hands and pour paint over your skin, or make you act toony, or just pull you into a toon world! They can be like parasites that take over your hands. It's cool! XD

A toon's toony feets are also very important. I love big pudgy paws, normally with three toes and some paw-pads on the bottom. As a treat you can switch it up and put heart-shaped pads on 'em, or some other shape. Largeness is key, the feet should be at least as big as half the distance from the ankle to the knee, I think. Smaller can work if you're going for a certain style, of course. Sneakers are great too, bigger is better! And any kind of shoe really. I love mary janes of course, it seems like all us perverted folks do. XD

One thing that's particularly important to point out during a toon tf is the body type. Toons range a wide gamut from things like Mickey Mouse and Sonic the Hedgehog with gardenhose arms and legs and a round body up to pudgy SD characters and things like Carebears, and more realistic toons like good ol' Jessica Rabbit. In a text TF you might say someone is turning into a cartoon, but they have no idea what kind unless you tell them. So remember that, it's important!

The head is a great place to pay attention to. There are a lot of styles of eyes to do. Anime eyes, big silly cartoon eyes, realistic-type eyes, eyes with long eyelashes. If you're making someone into a toony girl be sure to pay careful attention to the eyelashes and the fact that toon girls almost always have their eyelids coloured. The nose is also important. A human nose is very different from those round things that characters like Mickey Mouse and Sonic the Hedgehog have on the ends of their little tan muzzles. The shinyness of a toon nose poking out of your face right in your field of vision is silly, cute, and altogether confirming of your transformation. It's a constant reminder that you've been changed! You might even want to go crazy if you're into cuteness and make a heart-shaped nose, big and round and shiny. So cute!

Clothes are another important part that is often neglected. Toon boys are often naked and comfortable with it. It's a great point to mind-alter someone so that they only feel comfortable in toon style clothes. If their type of toon doesn't wear pants, they should feel normal without any, and wierd wearing them, the way humans feel strange cross dressing. If your toon type always wears gloves, you should feel naked without them! If they even come off that is. ^.^ For me a big girly bow is a great crowning point for a toon tf. I love poofy bows that are so cute and huge! Ribbons that are involved in the TF process might caress your body only to tie up into big bows at the end. Try it! I bet you and your partner, or your fans (if you're an artist) will enjoy it!

Post-addition! While doing the Robots section I remembered one of my early TF fantasies that really deserves special mention in the Toons section! There were two "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoons in my childhood, I'm sure many of you who are my peers remember them as Sonic SatAM and The Other One. Sonic SatAM naturally is in the Robots section, but the other one ALSO has fond memories for me! There actually was a roboticizing gun in 'the other one', for those who never cared to watch it. More importantly though was Tails! Tails never had much of an important role in Sonic SatAM, he was only important in the comics which I have never had the fortune to read but have heard many good things about. Now about Tails! He was cute, darn it, and very kiddy. Even as a child I adored that sort of 'kiddy kitsch'. One of the memories fondly trapped in my mind is a part where Sonic gave Tails a notepad and asked him to write some notes down, and afterwards Tails said "I don't know how to write, I'm only four!" which I just adored somehow. XD ON TO THE TF! Okay so there was a couple eps where parts of their clothes came off for whatever reason. It was my TF fantasy involving the toony version Tails that I might get to try on his gloves and sneakers, and find a bit of brown paint staining my fingers and toes, and maybe it won't come off, and maybe it spreads all over, and BAMF! Now I'm an actor on a popular cartoon show! XD

I guess that sort of fantasy is more normal for a kid than most of mine. ;)

One last note about the Adventures of StH cartoon, there was a bit of mind control I REALLY liked, where Robotnik made a 'servitude chip' that made his robots super loyal to him (they're normally sarcastic and lazy) and then made a 'servitude patch' that he put on Tails to make him into his loyal slave. That ROCKED. XD


Robotics has been an interest of mine since I was a kid. I brought home tons of books on the subject from the library. What's a library? That's what mommies and daddies got information from before the internet. XD

I'm not sure what preceded my interest in robots, but I think it was R2-D2. This cool person who was also a garbage bin! That's so cool!

Of course then there was Sonic SatAM. I never really got into the whole 'fanboy' thing but I'd be lying if I told you I haven't browsed Sonic SatAM FanFiction Archives from time to time. But then those in the know would have caught on as soon as I put the term "SatAM" on the end, huh? XD

To be honest I liked both of the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons on their own merits. I write this after first writing the toons section but I'll add a bit more to it now as a bit of history.

Now back to SatAM. For those who never watched the show (perish the thought!) the setting was an alternate world where the evil Dr. Robotnik had staged a coup against the Acorn Kingdom of Mobius by turning the nation's force of security robots against the people and using a device called the "Roboticizer" to transform the cartoony animal folk of mobius into his cartoony robot slaves! I think you're starting to see the attraction to me. ^.^ I'll break it down for you, though, since that's what this is all about!

First of all is the actual robot-ness. Being a robot means you're not organic. (as in an animal, you might be made of plastic. THAT DOESN'T COUNT XD) It also means your mind works differently, usually. You've got a computer instead of a brain. You might have free will coded in there, but in this case the Robotic Mobians (one day called Robians) were all enslaved to computer programming while underneath their conscious minds were forced to bear witness to their bodies acting on their own. GAWD I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

The capital city of that world was taken over by Robotnik and renamed Robotropolis. He had something of a passion for industrial architecture and decay, and since robots need neither food nor drink nor atmosphere and all of his 'rivals' were living creatures, he eagerly destroyed the environment of the city and surrounding countryside. It's a city of poison and steel, toxic waste everywhere and violent robots walking the streets seeking to capture any rebels or creatures that escaped the coup. It's altogether delightful in its brutality and toxic nature. An important note about Robotropolis is that the city was converted into an industrial community. With a population of robots there was no need for people to ever stop working, so there was no need for homes. Factories and power plants were everywhere, maintained by the enslaved people of Mobius as they build machines to destroy their old world and further tighten the grip of Robotnik on their souls. As one writer proposed, in time the consciousness of a Robian, watching but never able to act, would fall to the wayside and forget their true self. The robot would eventually be all that was left, its soul departed or burned to embers that scarcely glow in the depths of an iron casket. Is that poetry or am I just being silly?

When it comes to robot bodies there are many options. My favorite (if you didn't guess) is the cartoon-animal style that was used in the Sonic SatAM series. Rounded limbs of metal plates fitted together, with glowing red eyes. Thick legs and forearms with glove-like hands and boot-like feet or molded metal paws. Mmm.

Another style of robots I particularly enjoyed on television but never got to see in any 'roboticization' are the fantastic machines of Medabots. These robots are modular machines with microchip souls and nanotechnology to heal wounds that makes them pretty much alive, even though most of them are servants to humans. The actual appearance of these androids is clunky, industrial, yet playful. They're childrens toys more than anything, but they're armed with guns and lasers and things. They have modular parts so you can take bits off of one and put them on another. Some of them are feminine and most of them are based off of animals. The main character's robot was based off of a popular type of beetle in Japan, and fired missles out of his horn. I guess the thing I'm trying to drive home is that I really like this style of android. Not pretending to be human, functional, and cute.

One fantasy I often played through as a child was the idea of finding an old abandonned factory where robots were made and maintained, and having my consciousness accidentally uploaded into a system there, being able to control several of the robots as a surrogate body.

The Borg present another interesting idea of roboticization. They make people into cyborgs for no good reason at all (why not just make specialized robots to do whatever task you're making these 'drones' for, and keep the collective consciousness in a jar somewhere. Sheesh.) and they totally change that person's life. When it comes to cyborgization I tend to prefer the idea of a parasite that jumps onto your back and sticks a needle into your spine in order to take control of your muscle control and eventually your whole body.

Robo-slavery is a fun idea that is rarely explored. The idea is that machines have decided that humans can't take care of themselves, and the robots must do what is in their best interests. They 'improve' humans and make them lead happy, productive lives, or else.

One particular nugget of robotics is the automated assembly line. Robotic arms that manipulate objects as they run down conveyor belts. Assembly line TFs are some of my absolute FAVORITES. It objectifies you, forces you towards the TF (on the belt), and manipulates you with alien arms, altering you and making you into something new. Not just for robots but for all sorts of TFs. One particular cross-dressing feminization was the moderately known 'Duckman Women's Prison Dressup'. The make-up station was my favorite of course. Suddenly he has long eyelashes, coloured eyelids, fancy hair, and coloured lips.


Dolls are something that have a tremendous subconscious gravity. They distort reality around them like a super massive object in general relativity. There are so many types of dolls, and I'll have to go into details on a few of them so you understand what I'm into. ^.^

Barbie Dolls are the first ones I'll mention, only because I want to make it said that I don't really care for them. While being frozen into a fashionista has its perks, I don't like the whole vanity/plastic fantastic thing. Don't get me wrong, organic chemistry is great, but Barbie is just not for me.

Victorian dolls have a wonderful grace and appearance, with a cute face with rosy cheeks, big hair, and cute dresses. I tend to prefer to victorian style when dealing with dolls, but I vastly prefer a more sturdy modern design. Traditional victorian dolls were created with fragile sculpted porcelain heads on stuffed bodies. I tend to prefer a solid plastic or rubber body that is articulated and posable. Most of all durable! Few things in this world are creepier than a cracked doll face. Why do you think Chucky was so popular? Uncanny Valley all over the place.

When TFing someone into a victorian doll you can either do it costume-wise, as in dress them as a doll with pale makeup, rosy cheeks, and a pretty party dress (ROCK!) or you can actually turn them into a doll, with porcelain or plastic skin frozen into place or alive. I'm perfectly comfortable with living inanimate objects. At least in fantasy anyway. If my chair started walking around and talking I'd be very upset! The outfit is very important in doll TFs, but for the sake of us non-fashionista people, please describe the nature of clothes instead of using archaic terms from some ancient tailoring tome. I'm still not 100% sure what a pinafore is, and that's not nearly as obscure as most of the words I see in sissification and doll tf stories.

Rag dolls are a lot like Victorian dolls, but cheap. That cheapness makes them more endearing and less 'valuable' from a personal sense of worth perspective. A person transformed into a ragdoll sat next to a person transformed into a victorian doll will probably think they got the short end of the stick! Still when it comes to cutesy kitsch you can't go wrong with the ragdoll look. Patched up dress and curly red hair in pigtails, you just melt hearts!

Sex Dolls can be a touchy subject. People tend to drift around a lot with these, and the term 'sex doll' is downright non-descript nowadays. You could be talking about something totally fake, or something like a realdoll, or something in between. I tend to prefer the fakish ones, and of course the sort that balloonies are. Balloonies aren't neccesarily sex dolls, but they're sure doll-like and very inflated. For those who don't know, balloonies are furries who are also balloons. Complicated subject, doesn't really belong here except when detailing balloonification. That's later, probably. When it comes to Sex-doll TFs there is one very very important thing that is absolutely more important than anything else. The mouth gets turned into an 'O' and is stuck that way. I know I'm not the only person who gets turned on by such a rediculous thing, and I don't even like oral sex! It's more the potential of oral sex that gets me going, I guess. XD So yeah, mouth, O. Bang.

You've got a LOT of options for changing someone into a doll, but I'll go over some of my favorites first.

Tea Party of DOOM! You end up at a tea party, either with some creepy-cute little girl or at a ghost house or in toyland while staying with a doll in her dollhouse to hide from the wind-up toy soldiers who are after you. *waves hand* These aren't the dolls you're looking for... Anyway you're at tea and you drink it, and it's liquid plastic, or herbal tea, or magic, or whatever, and the tea it transforms you into a doll!

Another option is that you meet a living doll, or a doll maker, who dresses you up like a doll, and through the magic of imagination (and spray-on dolly potion) you get stuck as a doll! Or something. You get the idea!

Sometimes people stick you in a dolly suit, and it sticks on, and becomes permenant! Oh noes!

One last one I want to mention is the Toy Box. Getting stuck in a magical toy box is liable to toyify anything and anyone that goes into it, including you, so get in there! *giggle*


Plushie TFs ROCK. I have yet to see a plush TF that I didn't enjoy. Why more people don't draw/write plush TFs I don't know, maybe they're just too busy selling porno. J/K! Seriously though I love Plush TFs in so many ways. I love the idea of being squishy and soft and full of stuffing. I adore the thought of being hugged and loved and taken care of as a prescious possession. Just imagining my lame but useful human hands being covered by, absorbed into, or otherwise changed into a big fuzzy cutesy paw is just... *drool* Speaking of which be sure to check out the work of Killy the Fox (raccoon) over on DeviantArt, he's got some mad pudge skills.

So where was I? Oh yeah being force-fed stuffing. Or being absorbed by a plushie hug. Or put on a plushie assembly line. Or getting conglomerated by a fursuit. So many options for plush TFs and all of them rock. DRAW MORE PLUSHIE TFS, ARTISTS! THE POWER OF FLUFF COMPELLS YOU!

Two parts of a plushie TF are particularly important to me. The paws, which must be cuddly and soft and should be suitably pudgy, and the eyes. The eyes of a plushie have four options basically. One is glass eyes. I don't like glass eyes. They look more like realistic animal eyes, but I tend to prefer cutesy toony stuff. Plastic eyes are more my style, they're shiny, toony, smooth, and cute. The other two options are embroidered eyes which can look like anything but are part of the skin, and button eyes, which are buttons sewn into place. Buttons for eyes can be fun if you're going for a 'run down hand made plushie' experience, but I tend to prefer the white plastic eyes. It would be nice to see some pictures of plushie TFs with button-eyes were people are struggling to understand how they can see when their eyes are just stiched on buttons. XD


Dolls and Plushies are both major subsets of a larger group of TFs I like to call toys. This includes wind-up toys, Jack in the Boxes, Balls and Ball-people, and basically anything you'd see in a cartoon 'Toy-land' kingdom.

I love the whole idea of a toy-land where everything is a toy, and visitors don't stay visitors for long. One fantasy I already mentioned was that a human might enter a toy world and be pursued by the local authorities, wind-up toy soldiers. They might catch and toyify someone, or that person might hide out with a sympathetic toy only to be transformed by them in attempts to hide or make a new friend.


As I've said too many times already, I really dig cutesy kitsch. Kiddy stuff, cutesy stuff, I adore it. Shower me in hearts and rainbows! Give me a ride on a flutter pony to cloud kingdom and party with care bears and sanriotown's villagers.

So yeah I love all of it, and especially in TFs. Pastels and primary colours are great, big blocky things. Take a stroll through the childrens sections of your favorite department store and you'll get some ideas.

Big eyes, big paws, big smiles. There's a lot of appearances to keep up when you're being cute! Innocence can go a long way but secret knowledge doesn't steal your cuteness. I should know! Cute clothes are great too. Baggy or tight, simple symbols are great, big and clumsy is better than tight and precise, in any case. A toddler's play clothes on anybody but a toddler = CUTE! But when you're going for a more realistic look you can just stick to baggy and smiley.

Attitude is a big part of cuteness. Embrace emotions and act them out and it'll show! Even I, the famously cute Relee, have trouble with that. The way you walk, the way you speak, even the way you think could be changed in a cute TF. Writers should be sure to note how a person's posture has changed after they've been cutified.

A dark aspect of cutification is involentary cutification. Many people wretch at the idea of cute, and becoming cute is a nightmare to them. And it's fun to inflict it upon them!

Simple things could be tying bows on them or changing their clothes. I really like it when people are forced to talk in a cute manner, 'specially if they aren't fully cutified. A normal person stuck in a cute body and forced to talk cute, but with the mind of a normal person still intact? Delightfully EVIL! XD "I'm not sposed'da be a cute widdle bunny-wunny! I'm sposed'da be a big boy!"

Buck Teeth are Cute. That's just something I wanna point out. I'm a squirrel!

Major cuteness TFs can be changing a person's appearance and their whole outlook on life. My friend who changes names so much I've lost track but let's call her the Demon Formerly Known as Akemi and her Ovalisks are a great example of that overwhelming 'take over the world!' style evilcute.

When it comes to transforming the world, cuteness tends to be surreal and gentle. You'll have rolling hills dotted with sheep, or candy-landscapes, or cloudscapes. Hearts feature heavily into the design of buildings, but other simple symbols like Stars and playing card symbols are pretty common too.

One thing I'd like to mention is H.P. Lushcraft. A delightful series of stories mimicing H.P. Lovecraft's works, but intoducing teddybear like otherworldly monsters called Spare Hares.


Minions are the followers of a powerful being, loyal enough to not be 'slaves' but not really having any freedom. Often they carry a portion of their masters power or sense of style, and this is something I particularly like. The idea of being transformed into something that really only a part of something greater 'enthrals' me. Heh heh...

A wizard's familiar, a supervillains' henchmen, a robot kingdom's drones, the red queen's card soldiers, the wicked witch's flying monkeys...

You get the idea! I love that sort of thing. Your very body-shape is a symbol of your master, and your whole life is dedicated to serving him or her in their goals.

A great example of this that I particularly like is Sebastian Blackcat's Fetish Jester. The idea is that this mysterious character the Fetish Jester appears and offers you (and usually a group of your friends) your greatest sexual fantasy if you win in a challenge or game with the Jester, but if you loose you surrender yourself to the Jester. People who loose become the toys, servants, and pets of the Fetish Jester, while the winners often become her aides in the Jester's castle, living out their fetish fantasies for all time. The loosers are usually transformed into something clowny or 'circusy' and that's something I doubly enjoy, as the over-the-top whimsey of circus decor is almost as good as the cutesy-kistch I love so much.

Mental changes are almost always neccesary when becoming a minion, since if you were already loyal to your master, you'd already be kind of a minion, and that's hardly a minion tf. XD


This is one I hadn't really thought of untill the fourth season of Digimon. I know I'm not the only one who thought Kumamon the Snow Teddybear was wondercute. XD

Ice and Snow are wonderful things to make magical critters out. They're highly aligned with the idea of cold and of water so they fit into fantasy environs pretty well. A snowman, snow woman, or snow furry seems to be the idea of choice, but just being frozen or 'blue' works too.

My favorite fantasy involving ice and snow is that a sorcerer queen of ice has this big ice palace, and she gets people as gifts who she turns into her minions (see above). Stuff like huskymen, ice-handmaidens, and snowy villagers to serve as peasants. I was going to write all of that into a story, and was working on the notes for it, but never got around to it. Maybe one day.

When it comes to ice and snow the two are kind of opposite and alike at the same time. Both are cold by nature but ice transformations should be more pointy, with hanging icicles, and snow transformations should be extremely round, like a perfect white snowball. Ideally a snow-person should be chubby and round, cartoonish with boot-like feet and mitten-like hands, or large stubby fingers. A toque and scarf are great too, or a nice vest. Not too much clothes though, since it's just for decoration. Snow people don't get cold and have no body-heat to keep in, anyway.

A great way to do an Ice transformation is with a burst of snowflakes that surround and infuse a person. Kind of a poof-tf but an elegant one. Another way is to leave someone out on the frozen tundra, and they find that the snow seems to gather on their skin. Alternatively a snowball-pelting. Maybe an execution where you get pelted as snowballs, and what's left is a loyal snow-man.


This is one that somehow slipped past the original version of my TF prefs, but it's most closely related to the Ice TFs so I felt I should put it here.

Shadows and Darkness as a material substance have facinated me for a long time, and other people as well. The Plane of Shadow in the Dungeons and Dragons world is someplace I'd like to take a vacation. I know it might seem a little dark for my usual hyper-cheerful attitude but as I'm always telling people, I go both ways.

Shadow is usually materialized as a gas, a liquid, or a wispy solid similar to cobweb. In my daydreams I usually imagine it as a liquid gathered into a vial and applied to things to taint them with shadow.

In regards to transformation, I like shadowstuff to be used to create clothes or makeup, I like shadow stuff to be formed into objects covering the body, like a costume, and I like to be completely transformed into shadowstuff. Usually not all at once. XD

Being transformed into a shadow creature can either make you a specific thing, or a shadow caricature of yourself. Both are pretty good. The glowy eyes effect is also good.

Shadow TFs don't have to be evil, but it's a great medium for it. They also synergize perfectly with minionizing. Shadow puppets are great minions.

Shadows are also a great trigger for TFs. Magical shadows burst out and cover you, than do their magic before fading away. Great for goth-type tfs.


Ever since I was a kid I loved the idea of slime and goo. Back in the 80's it was a popular thing to create toys that included ooze in their design. I have an old He-man playset thingy around here that was a skull that you filled with slime and then dumped it on a trapped action figure. In a facinating turn of fate, another cartoon called King Arthur and the Knights of Justice was created and this playset was re-released with their toys, after an episode including it where lancelot was almost turned into a stone warlord. Yeah I used to watch that show, I loved magic and knights. XD

Anyway there's a few roles this has in my TF fantasies. One, being TFed into a slime or goo creature. Two, being melted into slime or goo and poured into a mold to be re-shaped. Three, I love anything to do with Dragon Warrior and those slimes rock. Of course my favorite Dragon Warrior Monster is the Trickbag. Trickbag looks like Jewelbag but it's blue and has no jewels. It's a blue bag with a face, a long tounge and rosy cheeks. So cute! ^.^

But I digress. When it comes to dissolving someone into slime, it should be slow and goey. It shouldn't hurt, rather it should be like having parts of your body fall asleep or be cuddled into nothingness. Acid isn't a good idea, it tends to burn, make smoke, and be generally very painful. A more organic sliming is prefered, like pond scum or enchanted jello that consumes and replicates, converting you without tearing you apart.

Molds or Moulds are something I find particularly lovely. Being poured into one like metal being made into a statue is pretty cool, but in actuality I tend to like the idea of the body being made soft and maleable and put into one whole rather than being gooified first. But it's all good as long as you're being molded into something cool.


Garbage and Sewage are two of the wierder fetishy things I've got going on. I've been into them since I was a kid, probably the fault of four green brothers we all knew and loved. IRL I'm hesitant to touch a clean object that fell into a recently changed garbage bin, but in fantasy...

Well you all know how wild I can get in fantasy!

I like having garbage or sewage fill up my body like a sack, or be forced to roll around in it, or be thrown out with the trash and become some sort of trash-entity or trash-monster.

I think I should take a moment to step away from fantasy and into one of my actual personal beliefs. I believe (not know, never know) that ideas and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, have an effect on our environment and everything in it. Under our cities lay our sewers, the place where we cram everything we don't want, everything we hate, and everything we want to hide. It's a seething mix of organic matter, hatred, and filth. It's the very breeding ground for monsters and demons that many of us make a daily donation to.

Now back to fantasy! This belief of mine carries over into fantasy as most things do, and I find the idea of monsterizing someone in a cesspool or sewage pipe to be utterly gore-riffic. It's particularly functional to have a sewage pipe crammed right into someone's mouth, pouring liquid sewage into them. Naturally this would kill the biological process of a person, but what was born from the act wouldn't be considered a 'person' anymore anyway. Kekekekeke.

Yeah I like evil monsters too, not just cute things. XD

So to recap, garbage, sewers, monsters, good. Oh and rats. Rats just Fit In when you're thinking of sewers, right? Rat monsters are often the best sort of monster to come out of a sewer. But you already knew that, didn't you?


Organ TFs are probably the hardest to describe for me. What is an Organ TF? Well I'm not talking about musical instruments. A body, whether it is a human body, an animal body, an alien body, even a plant body, is made up of a collection of biological machines we call organs. You've got your muscles, your capillary system, your heart, liver, and lungs, your skeleton, alla that. In the case of organ TFs even collections count as a single one, for example your hands are full of muscles, blood vessels, and bones, while your chest is filled with parts for breathing and managing your blood flow. Those are systems of organs.

Having your body used as an organ, or forced to perform the duty of an organ, or being transformed INTO an organ, these are all TFs I particularly crave but rarely see. There are many ideas that roll through my head regarding organ TFs. First the basic is to have your body physically turned into an organ and added to another person's body. Some Muscle TFs are like that, though I'm not as big a fan of muscle TFs as I am of most sorts. The next sort that comes to mind is to have your body used as a surrogate organ. Your body has its own organs, and your whole system could be used as one super-organ if shrunk. So for example, you could be shrunk down and use the contracting and releasing of your entire body to act as a single muscle, or you could drink in blood and oxegenate it inside of your body, then spit it out to act like a heart. Another idea regarding that is parasites that use your whole body as a frame for their own structure, building on top of your body to make a full form and using your prior structure to support it. Some of the best pictures of those are Sebastian Blackcat's hive images where a person's body becomes the primary musculature for an insect that further adds its own body on top. The last bit of organ transformation is one that is more abstract, acting like an organ for a creature or being that is not actually organic. For toons you might deal with a city-like organ system and fiddle around with brain controls. For a robot you might run on a giant hamster wheel to provide power. These are vital organs for these alien beings, and you could be changed or forced to act out the role of those organs. That's a whole life-style TF! It rocks.

When it comes to actually DOING an Organ TF there are a few options. A doctor might place you in someone during a surgery. Someone might turn you into an organ themselves and jam you inside their body. You might shrink down to explore the microverse of a person's body, only to be enslaved by the tyranical cells of the body. So many options it's best left to the imagination I think.

Pop Culture:

Pop culture TFs are a LOT of fun and encompas things like entering your favorite fictional worlds and becoming a creature there. Pokemon TFs and Marioland TFs are great. I love the idea of being turned into a Yoshi or a Koopa Turtle, and Princess Peach is HAWT, Peach TFs are great. Sonic the Hedgehog & friends, all of those video game characters you love and the races within them. Monsters from a hundred RPGs! It's all great-great-great! ^.^

A pop-culture TF usually works in the same way as another TF. You might get zapped into Sonic SatAM only to get partially roboticized and join the freedom fighters. You might eat a super mushroom and end up chubby and wearing overalls.

All I can really say are some of my favorite pop-culture sources for TFs.

Mario-land critters like Yoshi and Koopa Turtles
Sonic the Hedgehog, that's games AND cartoons, all of 'em
Final Fantasy 'cause Moogles rock
Pokemon, They're SO CUTE!
Care Bears, Tummy Symbols for the win
My Little Pony, I barely remember the original show, but rubber horses with bum stickers are pretty cool
Dragon Warrior Monsters, particularly Trickbag and the various Slimes

Room TFs:

A room TF occurs when someone or a group of people are transformed into an entire room. This usually occurs in a blank, empty room, and the person or persons are spread out to create furniture, decorations, and everything.

I have kind of a superfacination with washrooms. Ever since I was a kid they've stood as my 'fortress of solitude' where I could go to be alone with my thoughts, or hide from people who wanted to hurt me. When it comes to room TFs I tend to prefer the bathroom. Your eyes might drift over and become a mirror and window, your nose could be the faucet, your mouth the toilet and your tounge the TP, your navel the laundry hamper, your ears the sink and tooth-brush holder, your feet might become a weight scale and your hair some towels. Your genitals might become a shower head and your rump a small carpet as your skin becomes the wallpaper and floor tiles.

Yeah gross and disgusting but I'm wierd, remember!

As to the how of the matter, someone might wish to be the washroom of a girl or boy they like, the way someone would wish to be reincarnated as a thong, only to have the wish actually come true. Someone might also be changed into a bathroom as a punishment or reward by a sorceress. It's pretty wierd so there's always the fetish option where somebody actually expects it and gets exactly what they want.

Alternatively to bathrooms there's options like a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. You could turn a whole family into a house and each one would be a room. ^.^

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Last Update: January 6, 2009