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Bad Girls

It's kind of an odd kink for me. One thing most of you may know but some probably don't is that anything that I don't like is a sexual turn-on for me. Specifically being forced to do or be something I don't like is a turn-on for me.

There's this fantasy I have, but I haven't been able to really play it out with anyone. It takes a couple different forms, but they both have the same basic thing.

In a lot of modern cartoons they're set up like little sitcoms, where the main characters are girl and her two friends, and the main antagonist is a bad girl who opposes the 'good girl' protagonist. Though sometimes the protagonist is kinda bad too...

Anyways the bad-girl is usually wealthy, pretty, influential, egotistical and derisive. She's followed by one to three other girls who act as her minions/lackeys and try to be like her. Generally bad things tend to happen to her and the protagonist acts as her foil.

I have this fantasy of being the protagonist girl, a general goody-two-shoes, and suddenly I loose control of myself. My body acts on its own, and I'm forced to just 'watch' as I do all sorts of humiliating things.

It starts off with prostrating myself before the bad-girl, and praising her, telling her she was so right and that I need to change. She, being egotistical, always knew she was right, and being holier-than-thou knows that all people need guidance, so the lets me become one of her lackies. All the while I'm humiliated in my mind.

My two friends don't understand why I suddenly changed so much, but I'm so mean to them that they quickly don't care anymore. I'm mean and derisive to everyone, except that I praise the bad girl and her ways. All the while my good-person mind is forced to watch, ashamed and horrified as I do these bad things.

In the same respect my personality changes from a good student (Did I mention all of these cartoons are set in a high-school or grade-school setting?) to a lazy one only interested in fashion magazines and following the bad girl.

Paw Transformation

This is kind of a specific fantasy of mine, where I get transformed into the paw of a massive creature. It's a creature made out of people who have been shape-shifted into bodyparts for it. When it touches you, you get warped and twisted into the conglomeration. It's missing a paw, and steps on me with it's bare wrist. My butt attaches to the wrist, while my head, arms, and legs all bloat out into individual paw-toes. This can be either with or without claws; I kinda like the idea of watching as a claw comes out of my forehead, but at the same time I'm a very non-claws person. Being turned into a big toony paw is appealing too, where the arms and legs would each join to become a single toe of a three-toed foot. Either way, in this fantasy my body is still recognizable, but warped and twisted into the shape of a paw. So like, I'm still covered in copper fur, and my face is on one of the digits. There'd be a big pawpad under my chin and on each of the big toes, anyway. I'd feel my body as if it was still my body, but have no control over the 'paw'. I could still talk and move my eyes because my face wasn't changed/used by the creature, but everything else is completely under it's control; I've become just a part of the creature, and lost my individuality. As a secondary part it might be nice to be forced to attack someone or pounce them and have to deal with being the business end of the creature. Of course since it has a paw now, it would probably eat them and turn them into a different part of the body.

The Dark Matron

This fantasy is less specific about the characters, and more specific about their roles and actions... The basic premise is that I'm a young girl or young woman and I've been non-consentually adopted by a dark matron. This matron is a powerful woman who seeks to mould me into her likeness. I was first inspired with this fantasy by the Were-fox description in the Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Monsterous Manual. It described were-foxes as nymph-like women with the ability to turn either into a silver fox-hybrid or a full silver fox. Either humans or elves can contract this form of lycanthropy, but either way they end up looking like extraordinarily beautiful elven women. They're innately vain and have the ability to charm men into their service. They 'reproduce' by kidnapping young girls and infecting them with the were-fox lycanthropy, and raising them as daughters. They groom them and teach them how to be elegant ladies, untill they grow into full were-foxes and they see them as a rival and kick them out.

In my fantasy, the matron could be any powerful/superpowerful woman who takes me under her wing (unwillingly) and trains me to be her child and successor/double/servant. As an example, my character The Ice Queen demands girls be sacrificed to her by the villages in her domain, and those she favors are turned into her Ice Princesses. They're given cold powers and made to live in her ice palace, and trained to be more like the Ice Queen herself, so that they can act as she would, on her behalf, in far off lands.

An extra-special version of this would be if I was a young man who was chosen to be the matron's feminized and doll-like daughter.

The theme of the matron herself could be anything. Magic, technology, nature & plants, shadows, demons, grim angels, victorian era, frog monsters, werewolves... As a wild twist, she could be the matron of a group of bimboized slave-dolls; herself a slave-doll but still domineering you/me with her grace, wit, and power.

Card Creature

This one is pretty wierd. It was inspired by a monster from Suikoden. Basically it's a transformation into a creature bound into a flat planar surface, like a giant playing card. In this state I would exist partly in a pocket dimension, where my 'legs' are, inside the card, while my head and torso up to my waist could extend out of the card. The card is magical, and can fly, so I'm still mobile, but I'm at the mercy of whoever trapped me in the card. The principle would be to take control of my 'magical powers'... Remember I characterize myself as a wizard, here! ^.^;;

An alternate version, inspired partly by Card Captor Sakura and partly by Yu-Gi-Oh, is where being sucked into the card causes a further transformation and actually grants special powers. Basically fusing you with the idea of the character on the card, and making you the realized version of it, but still 'trapped' in the card and attached to it. So like, maybe it's a fire breathing dragon, so you turn into a fusion of yourself and a fire-breathing dragon. Maybe it's a magical clown, so you turn into a clown version of yourself. See where I'm going with this?

Toy Master

This is a fantasy I look for a lot but rarely find, where a living toy or object takes the role of the Master and transforms/enslaves/converts me. The way this could work is many-fold, it's the concept of a toy being 'in charge' of me that excites me.

One idea I often fancy is to be in the thrall of a living doll, forced to attend at endless tea parties. Instead of a living person pretending the doll is alive, a doll is pretending the person is inanimate! Or perhaps the person is still acting out the role, looking absolutely silly doing it. There's a facet of humiliation in this that I enjoy, being at the mercy of such a meek and helpless thing.

Another facet of this is the sort of 'toy race' that comes up in places like the Puzzlebox or 12Fold MUCK. Imagine a whole culture of joyful chunky rubber toys that sing and dance and play happily together, and they grab you and force you to join them. Either you're in a rediculous position, a normal person forced to caper about like a living toy, or you're transformed, leading a new life of joy and togetherness with your 'new friends'.

War of Dolls and Plushies

In this fantasy I'm lost in a war between plushies and dolls. The setting for this battle could either be a sort of 'toy land' where living toys come from, or it could be a toystore after dark, or it could be an abandonned middle-class house where the kids toys are all alive and struggling to control the various rooms of the house.

You end up in this place, toy sized but alive, and get captured/rescued by one side or the other. The fantasy diverges depending on who gets you. Naturally, humans look like dolls, and furries look like plushies, but they're different enough that they could be taken by either side, thinking something had been 'done to them'.

If the plushies get me, I'm taken to a plushie doctor, who treats my injuries... by sewing fabric patches over them. Plush fur starts to appear around the edges of the patches, and spread like an infection, plushifying me. For a darker version, the plushie doctor considers the mouth to be an injury, stitching it shut. Also, the eyes and nose, replacing them with buttons or plastic replicas.

If the dolls get me, I'm taken to a doll doctor, who treats my injuries... with quick-dry liquid plastic. The plastic spreads, turning my whole body into a plastic doll. For a TG kick, the doll army could all be female dolls, so naturally any male who gets dollified becomes a female doll. Likewise the dolls could all be fashion dolls, forcing you to dress up in an elaborate fashion outfit despite the war scenario. Furthermore there's the facial-transformation aspect. I've always loved that idea of my real face being forcibly turned into a doll's cutesy frozen face. There's also modern dolls that look kinda... slutty. ^.^;;

I suppose after that I could go to war, but I'm really only interested in the weird TF part of it. <3

Magical Mascot or Fantasy Familiar

It's an old fantasy of mine to be the cutesy magical companion of a wizard, magical girl, or other magical entity. I've always adored these cute characters, loaded with personality, who accompany magical people on their adventures. Sometimes they can be a little annoying, or a pest. Sometimes just quiet and petlike. Sometimes they're actually the source of power, allowing their owner to transform or tap great powers.

The appearance of these mascots and familiars varies greatly. Of course you've got the classic 'normal animal with intelligence', that's a bit bland. Most Magical Mascots and many Fantasy Familiars as well these days, are unique creatures designed for cuteness and a magical appearance. Sometimes they come from a far-off land where there are others of their kind, and sometimes in those far-off lands everybody's entire body is completely different. It's typical for these magical creatures to have strange patterns on their skin or fur. Sometimes these are arbitrary patches of colour, or spots, and sometimes it's symbols like hearts, stars, and crescent moons. The colouration on a magical critter is usually bright and fanciful as well. One time I remember I was pink and covered in yellow stars, but I wished so much that someone would make me their magical familiar and turn me dark-blue with glow-in-the-dark stars. <3

Being a magical mascot or fantasy familiar is pretty cool to start with, but the fantasy is also about what you do like that. There are basically two ways you get into this situation, with transformation. You're forced or you voulenteer. Being forced against your will and bound into service as a cutesy magical critter can be a lot of fun. There's even an anime with this going on; Nanatsuiro Drops. A high school guy gets turned into a wereplushie and he has to be a magical mascot in order to get a cure. The other type is to voulenteer. Somebody needs to carry this vast magical power, but carrying it turns you into a cutesy critter! I voulenteer! <3

Oh and FYI I know and love Coco and Nuts from Pretty Cure Yes 5.

So some important parts to remember are to force-cuteify, shaped patterns on skin or fur, big soulful eyes, and servitude to a wizard/magical girl/other.

The "Official" Relee the Squirrel

This one came out in a discussion I was having with my friend Alex Reynard. He commented on how I was the only furry he knew who could get off on identity theft. The following is a direct copy from my reply to him.

"One of my secret fantasies is the idea of being "Someone else's character". Like, you know how a lot of artists have a small menagerie of personal characters that they use in comics or write stories? Most furries at least have one. You've got Alex! Well I have this fantasy of someone 'adopting' me as one of their characters, and making their own canon around me. It's like, you know how some people will take a character from a video game or cartoon, and act like they're that character? Think of it the opposite way. Someone takes an original character, me, Relee the Squirrel, and makes it into an 'official' character with a story and personality I have no input on. I mean, sitting here writing this I'm imagining seeing one of those biography pics where someone puts a picture of a character with a short biography, and in the corner it says Relee the Squirrel Copyright someone other than me. *NNGH!* Getting off on identity theft? You don't know how right you are..."

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