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I like bondage! I do! Bondage is fun. ^.^

When I talk about bondage, I'm usually thinking about rubber, leather and metal harnesses used to bind parts of a person's body. It can also be more complicated, like using an altered bodypart to prevent someone from doing something, or even including hooks and attachment points on their body. Piercings are good for attachment points sometimes.

Bondage can also be a fashion thing, like wearing restrictive clothes. I'll get into shoes later but things like straight-jackets and bondage mittens are great fun!

Mind Control

Mind control is a big turn-on for me. I often read mind-control stories even if they have almost no transformation or even furries! I like both consentual and non-consentual mind control. I'm not sure if non-consentual mind control counts as rape or not, since isn't that basically what seduction is? This just takes it to an extreme. I leave that to the individual, all I know is it turns me on to think of someone taking over my mind and forcing me to do stuff.

Some forms of mind control I particularly like:

Renaming. I like any new name. "You're not Relee you're Candi! And you will dot the i with a heart!"

Altering personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. "You don't like chocolate! It looks like turds! You love to eat nothing but carrots..."

Forced Speech Patterns. My favorites are the cutesy-wootsey accent, the southern accent, the monotone robotic speech, or even the robotic Per.i.od. At. Ev.e.ry. Syl.a.ble. Forced pottymouth is fun too, where you can't stop swearing. A lisp is great, I love lisps. I tend to imagine I'd have one with my squirrely buck teeth, but I don't RP it out much. "From now on you will end every sentence in Koron!" "What-koron?"

False Memories. It's a great way to get someone to do what you want, when they think they've always been doing it, and they remember what you did for them that one time. "Remember when we had tea last sunday and you wore that pretty pink frock?" "I do _now_..."

Compulsions and Habits. Being made to do something by a compulsion is different from being forced to by a direct command. It's like taking the dom out of the room, but the whip is still whipping you. Habits are regular compulsions. IRL I find smoking abhorrent, but I also find it erotically stimulating from a mind control perspective. "And from now on, every time you see a mirror you will fix your hair..."

Reverse Behavior. In this and all other fetish aspects, I find the idea of being forced to do something I don't like or don't want to do to be erotic. For example in the above, I don't like smoking. I also don't particularly like swearing, multiple breast-pairs in transformation, scat, and being 'bad' in general. In other words, it's totally hawt if you turn me into a naughty vindictive shit-eating smoking bitch with four breasts and a mouth like a sailor. Just, you know, don't do it all the time. ;) "Shitcock."

Hallucinations. These are just a plot device really, but I like them as a plot device.

Body Control

Body control and Mind control can go together, but then you're basically a robot. They're best kept seperate, or with only partial Mind control. Loosing control of my body is a big big turn-on for me. Body control and bondage kinda go hand-in-hand but you can also do Body Control without any bondage. The body itself becomes your cage.

When my body is under someone's control, I enjoy both full and partial control. Someone might take over my whole body, leaving me to watch as my body acts to their whim. Or they might just take over parts. Paralyzing a body part but leaving it there is one kind of body control, but even better is when you take over completely. All of a sudden my arms start moving on their own, or my legs, or my tail! Maybe I suddenly start talking without meaning to?

Some of my favorite Body Control situations include:

Possession. A spirit, demon, or other entity takes over your body while leaving your mind in the 'back seat', watching but out of control. My favorite possession fantasy involves me taking the role of the 'good girl next door' type character so common in modern western slice of life cartoons. There'll be a good girl, a friend, a guy friend, and there's always a stuck-up bratty girl with a clique of one to three 'yesmen' type girls. I'm in the role of this good-girl type toon, and I get possessed, or hexed, or something! And then I loose control of myself and I'm forced to watch as my body prostrates itself before the bad-girl, begging to be like her, and then I join the clique of 'yesmen' girls, acting bad even as I feel terrible about it. That's just so hawt.

Puppetry. Marionettes in particular, even if your muscles are still under your control, the strings pull you regardless. Even better if you're limp and the strings provide your only movement. As well, having someone stick their hand up your butt, only to have you go limp and them take over your body, that's hot.

Posing. If I'm going to be stuck, I want it to be in a good pose. My favorite is the classic teddy-bear pose with arms and legs pointing out front. If you check out japanese Idols though, you know the pop star kind, not the gyroid kind, they're trained in a whole mess of special poses to assume. Those are just great. I'd kinda like a booklet of all of 'em so I could analyze them further...

Conforming. The idea of a set of strict social roles and conforming to specific expectations is a real turn-on for me, as is becoming part of a match set. All the people becoming Agent Smith in the Matrix movies was just so hawt. From the feminine perspective, conforming to the social mores and values of a clique is very kinky, especially when it's forced or otherwise unnatural.


I've grown up with stuffed animals, they were my favorite toys as a kid. Most of my stuffed animals are wrapped up, stored in a garbage bag in my walk-in closet. A couple newer ones that Jay gave me decorate my room, primarily the two huge Care Bears he gave me. Also my constant companion who sits on the table next to my bed is Aloyisious. He was my first teddy bear. I think he was given to me by my grandma, but I'd have to ask my parents. I never really thought much about where he came from, he was just mine. He has a rattle in his tummy, a real baby sort of plush. He's really small, which is why I hug my huge Care Bears every night instead of him. There's also a big stuffed easter bunny next to my bed that I used untill I got Jay's Care Bears. I needed a good soft plush to hug, and they slash the prices on cute easter bunnies after easter. ^.^

As a child I think I may have forged a sort of kinship bond with stuffed animals and other toys. My friends Matt and Todd were great, probably kept me from going completely internalized. Anyways I did have a lot of long periods of time where nobody wanted me around, and the only friends I had were my stuffed toys. I remember as a child sitting amongst them, with my arms and legs extended, pretending I was one of them. Maybe that's even the root of my desire for un-natural, toylike partners. Real cocks and pussies are yucky to me, but plastic and rubber fake ones are just right!

Something that was so near and dear to me as a child naturally grew up with me as I became an adult. Of course sexual plushies are good, but also costumes are a lot of fun. Full or partial. It can be really cute to be mostly naked but have huge plush paws. ^.^

I tend towards the teddybear asthetic quite a bit. Plush bunnies are great too. Plush squirrels are neat for the sake of that, but I find I prefer the more traditional two in shape and form.

Shoe Fetish

I often mention that I have a mild shoe fetish. It conflicts with my paw fetish! That's why you'll sometimes see me wearing shoes or not on SL, depending on how I'm feeling. I like a few of the major 'fetish' shoes, but not all of them.

Sneakers. I have a sneaker fetish! No doubt. XD I never really grew out of that 'cool shoes' phase all kids go through. I don't have the fundage to really enjoy it, but I love sneakers! They're comfortable to wear and functional, too! Best of all they go great with overalls, one of my favorite fashion accessories I've never really worn irl. XD Well there was that one time I went out for halloween as Raccoon Mario... I also dig platform sneakers and girls sneakers. They're a strong sign of girlyness, and I do like girlyness!

Ballet Boots and Shoes. I prefer the ballet shoes more, and by that I don't mean balletrina slippers! (they're next on the list!) I mean high heeled shoes with a closed toe that points straight down in a ballet-arch. Of course only very special, well trained people can walk in them irl, but that's part of the appeal! In fantasy you can throw out a lot of excuses for why people can walk in them and just do it, so that's fun too. I prefer the shoes to the heels 'cause they've got even less support, and they look so dainty!

Ballet Slippers. Pink or blue, girly-essence you wrap around your feet and legs with ribbon! Even better when mixed with body control so you can't come off pointe. XD

Mary Janes. For those who don't know, this is something of a catch-all term for closed-toe shoes with a single strap covering the top of the foot. Usually made in patent leather or some other shiny substance, they're also made in chunky, wedge, and high heeled styles for different fashions. They're the basic 'little girl' shoe, popularly worn by characters like Alice in Wonderland, Card Captor Sakura, and Christopher Robin... XD

Toon Gloves

For a long long time I've had a thing for toon gloves. You know, like Mickey Mouse wears? I'm not sure why. Probably ties into that whole theme of 'unrealism' that I've got going on. There's basically three ways to do this. The first is with an actual cartoon-type method, or an alternate sort of life-form where it's built in. That way is really fun and whimsical, but this is my 'general kink' thing, not my TF prefs. XD Likewise the second way to enjoy toon gloves is without the gloves, but the impression of them. Three fingers good four fingers bad! That's just the way things are.

The way to enjoy toon gloves without some serious hand transformation is with gloves. I love the idea of wearing toon gloves all the time, but the ones that costume shops and things sell just aren't any good. I wish I could get a good pair irl. Maybe one day I can commission a pair. ^.^


I'm kind of embarassed about it, for no good reason. I get turned on by makeup. I'm not sure if it's the illusion of it, the transformation that takes place, or maybe the chemical 'contamination' of the natural form. Maybe all of it. There's even that sort of "Conformist" perspective. If two people look different, then do their makeup the same way, they look a lot more alike.

If you've seen that movie The Fifth Element, they had a McDonalds fly-thru on the side of a skyscraper, and the girls working in there were even wearing specific McDonalds uniform makeup. So hawt.

I tend to go for that basic overdone-fake look with the blue eyeshadow and red or pink lips. Long eyelashes are great too.

Solid circles of blush, like on a doll, have always been a turn-on for me. I'm not sure why. I suppose it's the layer of artificiality that it puts on a person.

I also really like thick high-gloss lips. Soft and shiny like sacs of gel stuck on your face. XD

I suppose the thing that wraps it all together is a general feeling of falseness and unnaturality. Like a living doll.


Babyfur is kind of a catch all term for furries who are into adult-baby stuff and acting/dressing like children. I tend to prefer the kid-clothes thing, which is sort of spear-headed by Cargoweasel, if you know him. ;)

I like diapers as well and diaper play. Crinkle is a fun word. The thickness is an important factor in diapers. I particularly like it when they force a different stance, like waddling.

Pacifiers kick ass. I never actually used a pacifier as a baby, but I find myself infatuated with them as an adult. For reference, I prefer a sized-up normal pacifier rather than one with a dildo for the nub. It's a symbol of innocent cuteness! If you want to stick a dildo in my mouth, that's fine, just don't make it look like a paci. XD


I've been into vore since I found out about it on Tapestries MUCK back when I first joined. I guess that was 7 years ago? I mean, being swallowed was cool before that, but I didn't think of it as vore untill then.

Unbirthing. Unbirthing is my absolute favorite form of vore, 'cause it so often leads to transformation. You get sucked up a lady's vagina and into her womb, and usually you get an umbelical cord attached. But that leads into TF and that's in my other document. ;)

Swallowing. Swallowing is pretty much basic stuff. Soft vore they call it. It's just plain cool. ;)

Cooking. I've enjoyed being cooked and butchered and stuff before, it's not something I do a lot, but now you know that yes it IS allowed, if you're actually into that.

Odd Vore. Some people like to vore you with other appendages. That's fine! There's too many options to list here though.

Slime Vore. Along with WAM down the list, getting consumed by a slime and being turned into slime is pretty hawt. The first part is vore even if the second part is transformation. XD


Roles are things like, a job or hobby or lifestyle, all mixed into one. Being forced to take a role is a big turn-on for me, or even just dress like one.

Maid. I like the Maid role, in part because I'm a bit of a slob irl. My favorite type of maid is the Sissy Maid, which is usually a man or shemale dressed as a maid, rather than an actual woman. Petticoats rock, hands down.

Cheerleader. I'm a pretty cheerful person, most of the time. I honestly care about people, and like to help them. I was never on the Booster Squad in high school (our version of cheerleaders, kinda discount...) but I like the idea of it. The role of the cheerleader is one I especially like to be forced into.

Ballerina. That's pretty straight forward. A pretty ballet doll that twirls. XD Tutus are good on anything. Added to anything but a balletrina it becomes instantly rediculous, and I like rediculous things.

Scat & Watersports

I'm actually not into scat or watersports irl, much to my boyfriend's dissappointment. I find them both a lot of fun in online play, however. Along with dirty play and garbage stuff that was mentioned in my TF Prefs, just being in the presence of this sort of thing adds to the kink of a scene.

My first scat experience was when a friend of mine replaced her butt with my face, and I was forced to push the poop out through my lips. It was a sort of 'I'll give it a try' thing and I came SO HARD!

IRL I'm too shy of toxins and stuff to play in garbage, poop, and stuff like that anymore. I have a hard enough time crawling through bushes anymore, afraid of creepy crawlers in the dirt or hiding under the leaves.

Wet and Messy

WAM isn't one of my biggest kinks. I like to get dirty, and it's fun to get stuck, but it's not the biggest thing for me. An IRL stuck story, one time I was exploring Rock Glen with my family; it's a big nature park sort of thing near Oil Springs, Ontario. Anyways we were going through this thick mud/clay and my foot went into it and it got stuck FAST. I pulled my foot out and my shoe was totally gone. XD I think I managed to dig it out though.


Now this kinda mixes up the makeup section with more goofy stuff. If you watch t.v. and check out the commercials aimed at young girls, you'll see things like fashion dolls, hair-beaders, kiddy makeup kits, and all that sort of thing. That kind of stuff is a sort of creepy turn-on for me. ^.^;;

Somehow it exaggerates the exaggerated, and turns it all rediculous. As I said before, being rediculous is sort of a turn-on for me. I'm not sure if it's the humiliation of it or the freedom of going against all sanity and taste.


For some reason ever since I was a kid I've been infatuated with bows. They're so cute and girly and I love them. ^.^;;

Putting a bow on something is kind of like raising a territory flag of girlyness.


It kind of syncs up with my plushophilia, I like the mitten look and feel. So yeah, when I say Mittens more often than not I'm talking about the cutesy wintery kind or the fuzzy costume kind rather than the bondage sort.

There's two kinds there. The wintery kind is soft and cute and has a thumb. With the costume kind you can have a thumb or not. Or more or less fingers than normal. Possibly stubby fingers made into the mitt for cuteness. I love cuteness.


I have a thing for Zippers. They're just really neat. I once got my penis caught in one! IT HURT LIKE HELL! XD

Zippers are a really neat way to open and close things. It's fun to have zipper pouches sewn into your body! I mean, not irl obviously, but in fantasy yeah...

Zippers are also a great way to seal up the mouth and eyes on a temporary basis.

Eyes, Lips, Tits and Ass

I'm not made of stone! ;.;

I have some modicum of normal attraction. I'm female-biased (I prefer women sexually) and I tend to go for the middle-sized bubble-butts. Breasts are a whatever issue for me. Big or small isn't important. A lot can be read from my Second Life avatar, where I can play around with sliders and stuff.

As I mentioned in Makeup I dig the big puffy lips, but more normal ones are fine too. You can always dress 'em up. XD

It isn't really important to me but I do prefer blue eyes. I have steel blue eyes myself; I often like to ask my friends what colour of eyes they imagine me having, since everybody has a different mental construct in their mind unless you give them a solid image of 'you' to latch on to. Some people imagine green eyes and others brown. Plenty blue. It's interesting. If you're reading this, why don't you tell me what colour of eyes you imagine me having when you fantasize about me? Yes I know you fantasize about me. If you didn't have the hots for me, why the heck would you be reading a list of my kinks? [colbert]I NAILED YOU![/colbert]

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