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Describing Relee

Earlier today someone asked for a description of Relee, and I realized that I didn't have any kind of singular, unified description. Like most people into transformation, I tend to have a different appearance at different times, even in my head!

Even my so-called "Base Form" is different on different MUCKs. My Second Life avatar is even limited in its' resemblance to me. That said, there are a number of similar and steady forms and appearances that I take. To really understand all of this you would need to understand the personal and spiritual connection between Arthur Payne and Relee the Squirrel.

It's not just a character to play with, and it's not just a representation of myself. It's kinda both and neither. The shape is the form my spirit takes in my imagination, but I don't know how much impact that has on the real world. Personally speaking Relee and the changes that happen to my appearance depend on what I as Arthur Payne am into, and what I'm doing. Spiritually Relee represents an idealized self, as well as a sort of ethereal avatar that exists within me.

I first started using the name Relee late in high school. While exploring my inagination and my body I went on many adventures in my mind. Early on in those adventures I was a powerful wizard. I had shamelessly stolen the name Fizban from my then-favorite series of books.

As time went on, my imaginary adventures continued, and my imaginary other-half studied many forms and traditions of magic. IRL I also studied the real occult, though I have always found fantasy to be more accesable.

During a particularly spiritual period in my life I was meditating regularly and exploring the power of my subconcious mind. In my imaginary adventures I was drawn to a place called the Moon tower. It was protected by an ethereal puzzle that I managed to solve. Inside it was lined with magical crystals, and it functioned as a sort of travel cannon. Naturally, it lead to the moon.

In the time I was doing that in my mind, I had been considering the idea of a perfect human body. It was a sort of transhumanist fancy; considering the way humans would alter their bodies given the ability to have any form. What I came up with resembled nothing as much as the Pokemon Eevee. I should stress that Pokemon didn't exist at this time.

This super-human form was gifted with awesome psychic abilities, and thus hands and feet had atrophied into cute little paws with opposable thumbs. A long tail aided in telekinetic flight. Additionally, variants existed for different environments. There were aquatic ones that carried a 'bubble' of water with them, for example.

Anyways these creatures were the Lunarians; at least, that is what I call them now. After the end of time their civilization migrated into history, where they watched invisibly as life on earth evolved again.

I had found them, and had become one of them, but chose to return to earth disguised as my prior human self, though much more powerful. The Lunarians gave me a name when I became one of them. To find the name, and choose it for my imaginary adventure, I looked deep into my subconcious mind and came up with the name Relee. I've used that name ever since.

That original long-tailed, copper furred super-human is the original and perhaps the truest form of Relee. As time went on I started calling myself Relee the Squirrel, because of the similarity to a squirrel with the long tail and animal posture. My imaginary form instantly grew a pair of prominent buck teeth, and I felt complete.

That form of Relee could be called Real Relee.

Real Relee

Real Relee is the name of the original squirrel form of Relee. It stands three feet tall on two legs, and has copper coloured fur covering it's body. It has small four-digit paws on animal-like arms and legs, though one of the digits on the hand-paws is opposable. It is psychic and able to speak telepathically as well as vocally, and it can also use telekinesis and alter the physical properties of space and energy within the bounds of concentration and subconcious understanding. The eyes are human-like rather than animal-like, with visible whites and blue irises. There is no additional headfur, just a constant copper coat over the whole body.

Real Relee was the original furry form that Relee entered the furry community of the internet with. The original Real Relee was male, though during Arthur Payne's transsexual period, Relee's gender became female. Because Arthur Payne never really imagined the sexual parts in those days, Real Relee has an androgynous and slightly animalistic profile, and no visible genitals. Real Relee's actual sex is ambiguous and it is possible that Real Relee is in fact a neuter, and merely generates genitals on the fly when neccesary.

I've been in the furry community for a long time, and I've done a lot of roleplaying. Because of the different partners I've played with and the ambiguity of being "A Furry Squirrel", peoples perceptions of me have created other forms. I think I could unify the forms people imagine of me in casual roleplay and I would call it Anthro Relee.

Anthro Relee

Anthro Relee is the more human-like representation of Relee the Squirrel that people imagine me to be when they just consider 'Furry Squirrel'. She is female with a modest, human-like bust, and feminine curves. Her body is covered in copper-brown fur, with a white patch from chin to belly. She stands somewhere between 3' to 5'3" depending on the person's imagination. Anthro Relee has headfur which is usually either blue, pink, or both. Anthro Relee's eyes are blue unless the person imagining her sees a different colour. (And she loves to hear what colour you see her eyes as)

Anthro Relee usually wears clothes. Sometimes either pink or blue denim overalls with a t-shirt or sweat-shirt, sometimes a t-shirt and skirt, and sometimes a dress. Anthro Relee has human-like hands covered in fur, and humanlike feet as well, so she wears shoes. Usually either sneakers or mary janes.

The more I've been going on in this crazy world of ours, the more laid back and accepting I've become. I've also been more willing to open myself up to my own hidden and embarassing desires. For a long time I denied my own tooniness because I was creeped out by people who took stock cartoon characters and pretended to be them, or even believed that they were them. You know what I mean, all the Babses and Tailses and so on around us all the time. As I gradually got through that prejudice I became more accepting of my own toony nature. This lead to the form I use most often in MUCKs now. I think I could call that Toony Relee.

Toony Relee

Toony Relee is toony in appearance, but is considered 'real'. That is to say, not overtly a cartoon. Toony Relee is three feet tall with brown fur and a white tummy, large hands with three fingers and a thumb, and large pawfeet with three large toes. Along with a large head, it leads to a super-deformed look. It's probably closest to the style of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters. I often like to imagine myself in that style, with the large expressive eyes and energetic but cute body.

Toony Relee usually wears clothes. Often a pair of white 'Toon Gloves', even if not overtly a toon. Sometimes Toony Relee dresses up as a raver with Phat Pants or Candy Jewelery. Other times Toony Relee dresses as a Wizard with a Poncho and a Crook-like Staff. Still other times Toony Relee dresses like Anthro Relee.

My Second Life avatar is pretty close to Toony Relee, though I used tan for the tummy instead of white. The most pertinent example of Toony Relee is Ark from Puzzlebox MUCK. Toony Relee is the form I use most often these days, and if you were to use me in something I would reccomend using this form, unless it's unsuitable to your setting.

Back on Altered Realities MUCK I often played with a very nice djinni named Pax, who would TF me into tons of fun shapes. I was really REALLY into Paw Inflation at the time, and specifically large round toes. Each time I got TFed I would end up with bigger toes, and we would describe them as resembling certain sizes of balls. First Tennis Balls, which are pretty big toes for a 3' tall squirrel. Then Bowling Balls, Basket Balls, and finally Beach Balls. Sometimes we would also use Dinner Plates as a comparison. I never did get my ultimate Paw Inflation fantasy fulfilled, to be TFed into the paw of a giant monster made up of a number of people, and have my head, arms, and feet turned into big squishy toes, and walked on and be treated like just an appendage. :9

Do you ever consider what your feet think of what you're doing with your life?

Anyways the only other Relee of note at this stage is the ultimate finisher of the previous one, Cartoon Relee. That's the one where I go completely toon and leave behind any semblance of reality. I sometimes slip into that for the excitement of it, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as a true form. After all, I end up in countless forms in my TF adventures. I don't know if this one is just a fun fling or what; I can't count the number of times I've fantasized about being roboticized, but there's no Robo Relee on here. I'll put the ultimate cartoon evolution here for completeness though.

Cartoon Relee

Cartoon Relee is relatively three feet tall, as far as Toons have a height. Cartoon Relee is drawn in the rubber-hose style with no real elbows or knees, toon gloves for hands and simplified three-toed paws for feet. Cartoon Relee is usually naked, in so far as a toon is ever naked, though if drawn to be specifically a girl a skirt, t-shirt, bow, shoes, and eyelashes can be added quite effectively. The face is still rather similar to the sonic-style, with a definate muzzle and mouth, and large expressive eyes. The irises are usually drawn as the pie-shaped black dots, however, to emphasize tooniness.

Cartoon Relee is the ultimate departure from reality into a form of complete fantasy, free to be and do anything yet bounded by the concept of tooniness and being a cartoon. Being forced to be a cartoon and nothing more and nothing less than a cartoon is actually a sort of bondage, and I appreciate it on that level as well as many others.

Both Toony Relee and Cartoon Relee are getting really emphasized by the Toon Gloves I've commissioned from CraftyCoyo Costumes. I have to say though, I'd really like to get a pair of costume contact lenses with the pie-shaped black dot irises, just for fun. :P

So I guess that describes Relee. The clothes can change, but keep in mind I have a sensitive neck irl and I carry that over to Relee, so if you're describing me as wearing a tight collar, make me seem uncomfortable. A loose collar is better. For jewelery I prefer plastic, and I don't like rings. Bracelets, Pendants, and Anklets are more my style. In the winter I prefer mittens to gloves, but stick with the toon gloves if you're rendering me as toony or cartoon. :P

There is one more important description to add, though, I think. I wonder if you were expecting it?

Arthur Payne

Arthur Payne is a 6'2" human with short copper orange hair speckled with silver, and a close cropped goatee-type beard. He parts his hair on the right (his left). He has a small scar on his cheek under his right eye, to the right. His nose is large and round and his eyes are steel blue and are usually half-lidded. His skin is pale white with orange freckles on his shoulders and down his arms, and he has a lot of small scars on his shoulders and back. He is moderately overweight with a small pot belly and slight love handles.

Arthur usually wears the same pair of tan cargo pants every day. For a shirt he dresses for the season, with either a black sweatshirt or a tan t-shirt. He doesn't actually LIKE dressing like this, but he's too much of a cheapskate to buy good clothes. Most of his t-shirts are ratty and worn because he's been wearing them for ten years. His favorite shirt is a triple XL fuzzy tan sweatshirt that hangs loosely on him. His feet are men's size 12 and he usually wears white sneakers during the summer and brown boots during the winter.

If he wasn't such a cheapskate Arthur would like to wear larger, looser clothes, and more hoodies. Arthur loves hoodies, but he only has one currently that he won in a contest at

If Arthur wasn't so shy he'd like to wear more colouful clothes. His favorite colour is blue. He likes primary colours the most, but also likes pastels and earth tones. He likes how vests look, but finds them impractical because they leave his arms cold and overheat his chest.

Arthur Payne doesn't have the awesome powers of Relee the Squirrel, but he has demonstrated telepathic ability, precognitive senses, and energy manipulation skills. It might not be real but Arthur believes in it. Arthur is also proficient with computers and is generally brainy when it comes to other things. What he doesn't know, he knows how to look up, though he usually asks someone else first. Arthur likes to get another person's thoughts before delving into text or internet resources.

Personality wise Arthur is generally very courteous and polite. He always says thank you, and he generally wishes the best for you, even if you're a stranger. He is also lazy though, so he'll often take a simple road to making your life better than a difficult process. Shy to a fault, he'll be nice to people without getting to know them.

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Last Update: January 6, 2009